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Todd Daigneault "Grant Miller"

Agent: Richard Mousseau Todd Daigneault

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada


By 2004, I had five articles published, going back to 1999, printed in a locally-published non-fictional magazine dealing with the paranormal and UFOs (scientific theories of mine and personal experiences relating to the UFO and paranormal phenomena). I had been writing short and long stories, since 1974, as a child. Their web address is: My articles are still sold through their website. The publication dates are: Fall 1999 (reprinted Winter 2005), Winter 1999, Fall 2002, Spring 2003, Spring 2004.

My sci-fi/adventure/suspense/drama story "Reverse Polarity" is in print through Moose hide books:, and is also sold online through (an online division of Chapters, Coles and Indigo books). It is doing very well in its sales. Enter my pseudonym: "Grant Miller"; or "moose hide books" in the keyword entry of indigo and the featured story will come up in a compilation of other stories, other authors, in a book titled: "Abstract". My publisher's email address:; toll-free number is 1 888 826-6698. If any prospective agents, publishers, acquisition editors and TV or movie producers are interested in contacting him for the securing of rights to the work, he will act as my agent for any rights pertaining to "Reverse Polarity". Any other works of mine (listed here) I will act on my own as an agent for myself---or seek representation with some of the established literary agencies.

The synopsis for the copyrighted story begins at the outbreak of the first Gulf War in 1990. Two scientists, Dr. Frank Tenor and Calvin Childress, were poised to go to Iraq on what they perceived to be the greatest archeological discovery ever: the finding of ancient extraterrestrial spaceships in the Mesopotamian region of Iraq. Frank Tenor storms home from Kennedy airport to his home in Manhattan as it becomes apparent that there is no way that they can salvage their expedition.

His friend, a man, that was affectionately known as "Kinross"---his middle name confronts him. They had both served in Viet-Nam, his friend going off to the CIA. He tells him that he and his friend are the "pivotal-keys" to saving the Earth from their interdimensional counterparts, a ruthless dictator, "Axzula", and a bloodthirsty general, "No'Shem". Who are plotting to destroy the Earth and its universe, to get hold of the universal energy meridians to recreate a new universe in their image. As their universe is dying from the lack of time, brought on by an ancient catastrophe. Their interdimensional counterparts would then transport the races they enslave in their own universe, as well as several hundred million surviving humans and several million other surviving alien races to also be subjucated.

Their interdimensional counterparts need to kill Frank Tenor and Calvin Childress, first, as both men possess god-like powers that they have only a slight conscious inkling of. They fear that these powers could suddenly and dramatically be switched on, wiping out the invasion fleets.

Kinross secretly leads a faction of CIA agents that are loosely allied with an ancient human group that has survived to modern times called "G-5" (Global-Five). G-5 had been battling another ancient human control group, nameless, but called "the Cabal". The two interdimensional leaders manipulate two alien races, whom the Cabal worship as gods.

The two alien races and the Cabal desperately try to kill Dr. Tenor and Calvin Childress. Frank and Kinross are attacked near the terminal of a secret alien, global underground shuttle train that friendly global intelligence agencies now have under their control. Meanwhile, Calvin Childress battle four demonic-like beings sent to kill him, eventually falling into a cavern that takes him to a semi-hollow Earth. This region is inhabited by a race of very tall beings, who have been battling the Cabal and the two extraterrestrial races for ages. Their interdimensional counterparts discover where Childress is and starts to mass a large military force to destroy the paradisical inner-earth, its inhabitants---and Calvin Childress.

Meanwhile, Calvin Childress faces a quartet of demonic-like beings sent by Axzula to kill him. They employ sinister mind control techniques to try and kill him and several units of US military Special Forces sent to rescue him.

While all of this is going on, Frank and Kinross survive the first attack, being revived at the underground shuttle train by secretive medical technologies---where more pieces of the puzzle are revealed to Dr. Tenor. He meets a beautiful, young female army Special Forces officer, assigned to a battalion of troops to guard him. He instantly falls in love with her. Another attack follows, destroying the train that they're in. Frank is pulled from the mangled wreckage by the female officer, who is a double-agent for the Cabal, with a long history of friendly blood on her hands. Kinross is missing and presumed dead. They escape continued attacks, finally looking to the future with hope...and concern.

Additionally, the story is part of a much larger novel. The novel is 121,000 words in its entirety. If any prospective REGISTERED literary agents with some of the respected, professional writing organizations, non-vanity publishers, TV and/or movie producers wish to see the rest of it, I can be reached through email address: My telephone number: (604)-936-4195. Then I'll make arrangements to send it by hard copy or email.

An excellent critical quote, for the story, is featured on the products page of "Strange reading, but when I finished each story I spend time thinking about what possibilities might happen in real life. Each story stood out and I felt captured within each story as if part of the plot or as a viewer, I was glad to return to reality when finished reading, reality felt safe."

A copy of my book Abstract is also in Harvard University, Harvard College Library, MA, USA and in Dalhousie University, Canada. Do a Google book search on Grant Miller. Access the libraries link for "Abstract".

I also have ninety-one talkback articles; "Israel has forgotten the bitter lessons of the past"; "Remember the Weapons of the October Surprise, Part 1-2" (the weapons that were used against Israel by the invading Syrian and Egyptian armies during the 1973 Yom Kippur War), et al, published in the online version of the Jerusalem Post, in response to the two current Middle East crises with Iran and Lebanon. Two current ones are a "Bridge too Far" and "Bashar al-Assad is as sly and cunning as his father Hafez". I also have four talkback articles in Omedia, in response to an article about Israeli tensions with Syria (and one in relation to a new book written by President Carter); "Between Baku and Casablanca"; "President Carter is no extremist"; "Israel is way, way too overcomplacent."

I also have five published articles, in in their news section: "Analysis of the recent war in Lebanon between Hezbollah and Israel, Part I, Part II" and "Analysis of the Iranian-US crisis over Iran's nuclear programs". These articles clearly demonstrate my knowledge of war, conflict, weaponry, tactics and intrigue.

The other two articles in are: "The Do's and Don'ts of Distance Running, Parts I-II." I also have over 250 non-fiction articles in, covering a wide spectrum of subjects from photography, the arts, science and psychology to history and analysis of the Middle East crisis. I also won a first prize for writing a series of articles on photography in one of their writing contests. These other articles clearly show that I am well-versed in many other subjects, and have the practical knowledge to not only write in fiction, but in fact.

I am also available to write new stories, short or long, for anything pertaining to science fiction, horror, drama, adventure and war. My five paranormal articles are also open for reprint, movie and TV rights. They are very well-written and are full of amazing information and appeal that has enormous potential for good sales. A lot of top-grossing paranormal theatrical and TV movies and series have come out over the last number of years, based on such themes.

Use my personal contact information for the articles and the entire novel and the version of it posted on I will respond as soon as possible to any reasonable inquiries, put forth by agents, publishers and producers.

Interests: Global Conflict studies, running and weight training, Challenger crosswords and word games

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Reverse Polarity
  • Alternative Omega
  • Alternative Omega