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Ron Daigle

Oakland, California, United States


“I could make an honest living cheating at cards.” I didn’t say it, actually it’s a line from a thirties’ movie. But it’s a damned good line, and one I sometimes wish I could use. My Curriculum Vitae doesn’t read like a book…more like an erratic rower, maybe. So brace yourself.

I happily attended the University of New Hampshire in the States, then unhappily attended the U.S. military during Vietnam. After a few too many semesters, I tired of Vietnam and decided to continue my studies at Manhattan’s New York University.

Aiming for a degree in fine arts, I ricocheted off my alter ego and found myself at the Tisch School of Arts developing an appetite for prose. Unwittingly right about this time, fate pushed me through the proverbial ‘back door’ into the music profession. Beginning quite at the top, with a national commercial for a popular children’s product, I spent the next several years clawing my way back to the bottom. Twenty years then blew by like a rocket, all of those years spent in the music business as a studio/jingle singer, writer/composer, and contractor also performing with groups in the States, Canada and Europe.

The entire artsy-fartsy circle just wouldn’t have been complete without spending at least some time as an actor, which is exactly what I did. Still a member of Equity, SAG and AFTRA, and somehow having made it onto the Board of New York Singers Representatives, I garnered a very modest amount of experience in film, theatre and television over the years, while studying with Herbert Berghof, Stella Adler and others.

Save a bit of published poetry, an odd humour article for Moss “MG magazine”, and a couple of scathing letters to the British Badger Society (I want the badgers to stop eating my lawn!), I've returned to the States and am still relatively unpublished, but hope for greater things with "Fabella Primus: The Cloacan Scrolls" my 82,000 word humorous fiction, adult novel--how's that for a plug!

May you always find yourself upwind of goddess Cloaca, Ron.

Interests: Rowing, Erging, Writing, Modern Art (minimalism), Architecture (minimalist), DIY (very minimal...practically hate it, actually), Travel, a little more Travel, Film, wine, Norfin' Bri-ish politics, Kurt Vonnegut at a safe distance, hummingbirds, hanging ou

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes