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Luis Alvarado

San Salvador, El Salvador



I was born in San Salvador, El Salvador in 1977. The cold war had their skrimish here when in 1980 the conflict went full blown. I was relocated to the United States in 1981. My mother and I fled central america not only becuase of the war, but because of my drunken abusive father. I grew up in Texas. This is where I began to write when I was in the ESL (English as a Second Language)program. I use to write stories, about my great adventures, at this creek that ran behind the apartment complex I lived at. During Highschool my favourite subjects where english and history. I concentrated more on writing poetry than anything else. Every once in a while I would write a short story. In 1999 I decided to move back to the home land where I currently reside. Im a law student at the University of Central America. For some time since I arrived I was absorbed by the politics of my nation and turned my back on writing, I actually believed that my nitch was politics. This is why I studied law. Of course Im not a politician, and I do like my law studies but I really love writing. I jumpstarted my writing after reading some books by Salvadoran writers, this woke up my spark. If Im ever published I want to be considered as a Salvadoran writer and not as an immigrant writer.

Interests: Poetry, Short stories, soccer, water sports, politics, law

Published writer: No

Freelance: No