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JulieAnn Henneman

Draper, Utah, United States

JulieAnn Henneman gets up every morning at 5am to exercise, and then write. When asked why she writes, she answers simply, "I write because I must."

JulieAnn has been a writer her whole life, yet only in the past few years has she realized she was meant to write as a profession. "I am an author," she replies, when asked what it is that she does. But it wasn't always so. She says that the stories are inside of her, and they must be told, but there was a time when she hesitated to say she was a writer. "There is no difference between being a professional writer and a non-professional writer," she states. "If you write, and that is your Life's Calling, then it is something of which you can own and be proud, whether no other person on the planet ever sees your work."

JulieAnn's first adult novel, Always Listen to the Ravings of a Mad Woman: a story of sex, porn and Postum in the Land of Zion, will be available in June of this year. It is being published by Draumr Publishing. It promises to be quite controversial due to the subject matter and regional references within the story. JulieAnn says, emphatically, "No harm is meant toward any group or organization with this book. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the people here in Utah, no matter what their background or practices. This is one character's story, one viewpoint; I wanted to see a balanced picture of the culture here. I have yet to see a book show the real side of Utah culture. They are either pro religion, or very anti. My story is not about that. It is about addiction, which is no respecter of persons. My story shows that the people here are like any other group anywhere else. They are just people doing their best, living their lives and attempting to live their truth in the best way that they know how. But there will be those who actually DO judge a book by it's cover! How cliche! It's strange how intentions can turn out to be so mismatched to an outcome."

JulieAnn's first work of fiction, a YA novel entitled Life in a NutsHell, has yet to be published, but she has high hopes for it, as she refers to that book as her 'heart and soul on paper.' The novel has been turned away a few times due to the length, according to feedback she has received from publishers. She is of the belief that if we 'feed' our young people books no longer than 150 pages, (unless they have wizards in them, mind you) then THAT is what they will read. If a story is engaging, they will read it, no matter what the length.

She recently won Honorable Mention in the Desdmona Erotic Short Story contest for 2006. "That has been exciting, trippy and fun. It was my third erotic short story ever, so what a thrill to have it place in such a huge contest," she says. Her first love is writing YA novels, however, "Probably because I am so immature!" She is currently writing a vampire series for Young Adults that promises to be "creepy beyond your imaginings. Think 'blood' and 'Easter bonnets'."

JulieAnn is an intern with ArtAccess of Utah, and she will be running workshops for adults and teens with disabilities. She will be helping them access their creativity in a therapeutic way, something her writing has done for her all her life. She will also be assisting with the editing and production of Desert Wanderings, a local literary magazine.

JulieAnn lives in Draper, Utah with her family.

Interests: writing, reading, singing, poetry, excercise, drinking coffee, hanging with the kids, being.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Always Listen to the Ravings of a Mad Woman: a story of sex, porn and Postum in the Land of Zion