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David Bachar

317 E Brighton
El Centro, California, United States


I was born in El Centro, CA, 1987, where I was raised by my
mother and step-father, with help from my grandparents,
on my mother's side. My family struggled to find a
comfortable living, and so we moved around from city to to
city, from Yucca Valley to San Diego, until we finally settled
down in San Pedro, CA, 1996.

My love of writing stems back to when my mother took me
to see one of the greatest movies of my life, Star Wars:
Special Edition, and while many others' feelings may differ
from mine about the epic re-release, I was left inspired and
wanting to create my own adventures.

In class I would pass time by writing different short stories
and when I wasn't writing, I was staring up at the ceiling,
coming up with new ideas to write down, which usually got
me in trouble by my teachers.

To make up for my failing grades I would write long stories
and turn them in as extra credit, and when spelling words
were handed out, instead of writing sentences, I would take
the words and create a unique story. Most teachers, along
with my parents, were impressed by my literary talents and
believed I was capable of so much more than I allowed
myself to achieve. As time went on, I let peer pressure and
curiosity steer me away from my dream of writing books
and creating worlds. I dropped out of high school, and
decided to live a life with of no boundaries or purpose aside
from partying, however fate had a different destiny in mind
for me.

In 2006, I met the love of my life, and by 2007, we had a
beautiful baby boy. My priorities changed now that I had a
family to take care of. I applied everywhere I could and did
any job offered to me. Within 2 years, I had worked at 4
different jobs, and by 2008, I fell into a deep depression. I
felt like I let my life pass me by and that I was nothing but a
failure who had let his family down as the provider. My
drinking habit became heavy and I struggled to find my
purpose in life.

By 2009 I decided to try school by enrolling into the local
community college, and while the classes were interesting
and fun (religion, art, & history), I had trouble focusing in
school and I dropped out of school once again.

When summer of 2010 rolled by, There was a new addition
to my family, my little girl was born. Life seemed to be
getting better, however I still feltije something was missing
in my life.

In 2011, I finally realized what was missing from my life, I
wanted to write, and since I let too much time pass since
the last time I wrote, I decided to try school one more time
to hone my skills, and to much delight, I found myself
writing again. I picked up an old idea I've worked on on and
off over the years and perfected it, until it was a story I was
proud enough to release to the public, and by 2012 I
published my first book, ArchFi3nd Rising Presents: Tales
From The Fi3nd: Volume 1: #1 Outcast, which was the first
of a series of books that I planned on releasing, one after
the other, in the following years.

A revision of my first story was published in 2013 that
replaced and reformed my planned series, ArchFi3nd Rising
Presents: Tales From the Fi3nd, into Starfallen Universe, a
title that is a nod to the movie that inspired me to write
before I knew what literature was. Starfallen Universe:
Outcast is available now on the Apple iBookstore, The Book,

Interests: I spend most of my time writing articles for my news page,, and working on my own short stories and books.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Starfallen Universe: Outcast