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Daphne Buter

Agent: W.E. Havenoagentsinholland
Amsterdam, Netherlands

I am born and raised in Amsterdam. As a child I lived in one of Amsterdam's red light districts, and our cellar house was much like a dimmed holy shelter because of all that cosey luminosity that hovered from across the canal.
I always wanted to write, so, that is what I did. Two of my books are published with De Bezige Bij publishers in Amsterdam. I began writing in English because I was tired of my language and in love with, well, with a guy named Bill Gates. (Dont tell anyone, okey?)
My English stories were published (or forthcoming) in Frigg Magazine, Sleeping Fish, Smokelong Quarterly, Edifice Wrecked, The Beat, Dicey Brown, in a book of some kind of organisation called Propellgroup or something, and in Night Train. One of my shorter stories is nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and I think that is kinda hip for a Dutch writer. So does my neighbour Harry, whos a dentist. Hes drilling heads all day.

Anything else Buter?

Yes: life is a tough way to die. I wish you strength on your expedition to a certain end. We all need that. Make a good day, wherever you live.

Interests: Scents and sounds and birds and colors and grass and people, and skies and love and more love and sugar and words and flowers that sit on butterflies and stuff like that.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No