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bojan dragosavac

Belgrade, Yugoslavia


We would explore our own thoughts ,use any of our own experience and allow it to take us further -the feeling -further at least,familiar,settled the best.
You don't have to feel that you have or know something that had you,knows you each your step,all the time -you can show,call something to investigate your character and if you still don't have it -he will investigate you.
Than you will see in which form it is shown -the only way out of unfamiliar -you would be introduced to the literal world.
Like a movie we will come to a part where we would both understand the same scene , both would have a character that would represent us,or some ideas -when we know that the world listens.And we again take from that world which gives away ,the same bliss,before it takes away it shows that it has nowhere to stay.

The material is a life we had to this moment and we will dig it for ourselves and still only for the ears of our listener.We aim to discover ourselves -things which benefit us the most .We may discover,describe our world too.

Let the one who agree to do this literal work send his e-mail .Tell me will you first start it or you will wait it from me?

When silence does what the best words do I would be speechless?Unfamiliar is your cry but you go the right way.

Your cry returns to you immidiately as a silent storm -thanks to desert.The moves of the lost dancer are not lost -the world streches everywhere.

Interests: A literal work done in two or several persons -by exchanging our texts by e-mail.Know any willing writer to do it -at least if he like the begining of it.I donít want him to stop it without a reason.I donít want a forum with casual visitors - because I w

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes