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William Constantine

Winsted, Connecticut, United States

William was born with the ability to see and communicate with those that have passed on. Growing up was a unique experience for William. Not only was he going through foster care, he was also learning quickly that he was very different from everyone else.

William started giving readings when he was very young. At that point he didn’t realize that he was conducting a reading. Instead, he simply thought he was speaking. Yet he learned early on that his words had meaning to his audience, and a powerful meaning at that. William was saying things that he couldn’t possibly have known, describing places, people, etc. That he’d never even experienced.

William soon became a “loner”, shunned by his peers and thought of as being weird. Yet, from time to time those same people came to him for advice. He soon began to notice he had developed a small base of clients, then it started to grow, and once he learned that he could conduct crossover readings online, his clientele expanded worldwide.

He conducted online readings, in-person readings, even phone readings, and all the while he was learning something; that he had the ability to bring happiness and closure to those lives that he touched. Clients from all over the world told him that he was truly blessed, and had helped them so much, and helped bring them closure. He also found comfort in telling them that their loved ones didn’t just die alone, that they were welcomed by their loved ones who have passed on; friends, family, etc.

It was at that moment, that he realized that this was his line of work. This was his path, however, hard and difficult it would prove he had to accept it. No longer could he hide from his ability, he had gone worldwide.

William now lives in Winsted, Connecticut with his fiancée and three children.

William has been featured on:

The Mary Jones Show
WDRC-AM 1360
WMMW-AM 1470
WWCO-AM 1240

He has made several appearances on Win-TV's "Windsor on The Go", and his articles have been featured in Kula Magazine.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No