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Ben Winston

Superior, Wisconsin, United States


Home page:

Yahoo: Talosauthor

I have, currently, two completed novels in a three novel series called the Talosian Chronicles. All my works have been posted to the Internet as erotica, since that is the venue I chose to 'work the bugs out' of my writing. The first Book, Star Dancer, is raw and, for the most part, unedited. It's full of both grammer and spelling mistakes. The second work, Raptor Squadron, is better, since I had help with the editing, as well as (I hope) improvement on my skills. The last book, Armageddon, is currently up to chapter 10 and I am still working on it. All three books contain graphic depictions of adult material not suitable for younger audiences.

These works are offered free of charge because they are a learning tool to me. I do hope to one day complete a manuscript to be offered to a mainstream publisher consideration. To that end, I'm signing up here.

I will be doing a rewrite on the online stories, to clean them up, and restructure the whole of the story line. I plan on there being five books instead of three when finished. The tentative titles are; Olympus, Star Dancer, Raptor Squadron, Neptune's Massif, and Armageddon. If you chose to look these up and read them, please be warned of the content, and take into consideration, I have not fixed the errors yet.

That said, I look forward to speaking to many of you along this journey.

Interests: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Space, Computers, Alterternative Lifestyles, Non-christian religions

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes