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Kelly Karius

Agent: seeking an agent!
Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada


I am an author who is also a social worker and a conflict resolution consultant. If you ask my three teenage children, I am SURE they will tell you that we don't have escalated conflict in our home. I'm not listing their names here for fear that someone might actually take me up on that! (Okay, okay, we certainly do have some conflict.)

I have written a book called "THIS IS OUT OF CONTROL!!" A Practical Guide for Managing Life's Conflicts. I'm very pleased with the response to the book. People have told me that they carry it around with them in their briefcases for quick reference in conflict situations. For more information and a look at the table of contents, go to The book teaches skills for managing and resolving conflicts, provides practice exercises, and puts the skills into context in work conflict situations and home conflict situations.

It's fabulous to be old enough to have an idea about real life, and what works, but young enough to know that there are a whole lot of ideas still coming for the next books. Currently I have almost completed a set of three books for children regarding conflict management, one for elementary aged children, one for middle school children, and one for teenagers. I am also working with a wonderful spiritual friend to set "THIS IS OUT OF CONTROL!!" into step with Christian principles and scriptures. I've recently begun working on my first fictional mystery novel and work continues on a versatile therapy tool for children. My associates and I are also continuing to work on a series of books called "The Brief Books". The first one, about parenting has been released and several others are also in the works.

Life is exciting and good! I'm seeking a literary agent to assist with the publication of these future books, as well as to re-publish "THIS IS OUT OF CONTROL!!" I look forward to the assistance that this site can provide.

Interests: spirituality, my spouse,my children,peaceful living, assisting others in clarifying and reaching goals, ongoing life learning, working out, testing theories in real life, I consider all things that catch my fancy, whether for a short term moment or a long

Published writer: Yes

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Published works:


  • "THIS IS OUT OF CONTROL!" A Practical Guide to Managing Life's Conflicts