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Martin Bryant

Callantsoog, Netherlands


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Whilst I was at school I had real problems with languages. English was hard enough, but they tried to teach me French too and that was never going to work. At the time I assumed that this was more to do with me than the school, but I now think that it was probably weighted significantly in the other direction.

I now love to read, write and learn. My school didn't do a very good job of teaching me English and I have since had to rectify that. I've even breached the language barrier with the Dutch in recent years. I still find languages hard work, but very, very interesting and blogging has helped.

Several years ago I submitted an article to a magazine and not only was it published, I was paid for it. (Well, I was impressed!) I've not tried to have this repeated yet, but I intend to. I'd love to write freelance and would welcome any challenges...

Interests: Squash, writing, history, reading, languages, blogging, eating, photography, music, Marlies and our kids.

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes