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Alexandra Riera

Valencia, Spain


Made in Switzerland like the delicious chocolate. Brought up on the Swiss Alps just like Heidi. Did some more growing up in too hot and too sunny Spain. Grew up some more and turned into what I am in London where I originally went to learn the language for three months and ended up staying for over 12 years. I had my share of fun and travel all over the place with a rucksack on my back, the only regret was that I had to give up sugar, a girl’s rucksack is ten times heavier than a guy’s and too much weight can seriously damage your back, in my case my back!. Came back to Spain where I grew (old), got married, had two children and started putting down in paper the things that come out of my wild imagination. My brain is like a pop-corn machine… it just keeps sprouting stories…

Interests: Reading, writing, listening to music, drawing, cooking.

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes