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Worldwide, Illinois, United States



Winter Laake

Locations, Chicago IL - Santa Monica California, (US)
Home page:
Skype; SiegKrieg

Winter Laake (born Feb, 1977 in Dusseldorf Germany) is a poet, writer, musician and photographer known for his numerous publications and award winning poetry. As a vocalist, he is known for his use of the English language, mixed with varying-range vocals in most of his signature style. As the creator of two darkwave/spoken word collectives entitled, Spectrums In The Diabolique & Croseus, his music has had an influence on many bands across a variety of sub-genres from industrial to neofolk. 


1. 1999- Released Enter-The Vampire poetry book, sold to 5000 copies, re-released 2005.

2. 1999- Released Spectrums In The Diabolique album entitled, Endeavors To Oblivion, genre, spoken word, Monstarr Records NY

3. 2001- Won The Library of Congress Poets award.

4. 1999-2003- Toured with Motorhead, Jen of Torture, Electric Hellfire Club, Type-O-Negative and numerous other rock bands.

5. 2007- Released, Spectrums In The Diabolique album entitled, The Pestilence Revisited, genre Darkwave/Spoken Word. 


Winter Laake is an avid writer of screenplays.
The following are registered with The Writers Guild West located in California.
Winter Laake has written over thirty scripts for major motion picture, here listed are a few.

1. Ivan The Terrible

2. Countess Bathory

3. Gotterdammerung, The Final Battle
4. LaVey (Age Of Fire I & II)
5. Last Night On Albion (Epic Sci-Fi 1-7)
6. War In Oz (Epic Fantasy 1-7)
7. Crowley (Epic Drama 1-7)


1. The Satanic Paradigm
2. Les Treatise De Magica Noir - The Book Of Black Magic
3. Liber-Luciferi
4. Terra-Satana
5. Ordo-Walpurga - Order Of The Witch
6. Luciferian - Incantus


1. The Esoteric Web
2. Wolf At The Door
3. Luciferian Flowers
4. The Pestilence Revisited
5. Enter-The Vampire


Winter Laake's stage performances are more similar to plays than your standard musical performances. Primarily an opening act for several major known bands. Winter Laake would carry out magical or theatrical shows for the audience. They would be conducted by up to eight actors. Once in Chicago at The Vic Theater a full production of Winter Laake's poem, The Reaper Of Auschwitz was orchestrated like a mock 'Triumph of Will,' complete with NAZI standards and emblems. An eight foot reaper was in the background on stilts complete with scythe. The poem, 'Reaper Of Auschwitz' is more an indifferent poem about the apathy of death.


Winter Laake has filmed, produced and acted within several underground short films.

1. Ravine Project I

2. Ravine Project II

These films were shot on location along the Potomac River in the Washington DC area. The premise of these films was very similar to the film Evil Dead. Where a
group of people stumble unto some ancient occult knowledge. Some of the party are possessed by evil entities while others vie to gain possession of the secret knowledge in order to gain power. The climax of the film occurs in an abandoned missile silo. Winter Laake who plays the character known as Drago is attempting to activate the controls of the nuclear weapons inside while the possessed, half demon like creatures are closing in.


Winter Laake is the writer credited with the term NEOFOLK/NEOVOLK for a genre of music inspired by several great musical artists, Douglas P, Tony Wakeford, Patrick Leagas & OKill. An interview was conducted of Winter Laake in the early 90's by The Village Voice NY/NY where in
a discussion the term NEOFOLK/NEOVOLK was executed and printed to express the genre of music that Winter Laake felt he was apart of. Hence the term has been used on a broad based scale worldwide as a description. 


Winter Laake has produced a photographic body of work that is slated to be re-printed through the publisher Taschen Verlag. Winter Laake photographs everything from landscapes to still life.

Interests: Screenwriting, Occult Works, Ghost-Writing, Avid Biographer

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The Esoteric Web
  • Enter-The Vampire
  • Spectrums In The Diabolique
  • The Pestilence Revisited
  • Scripts

  • Ivan The Terrible
  • Tunnel Vision
  • Countess Bathory
  • LaVey, Age Of Fire
  • Gotterdammerung, The Final Battle
  • Last Night On Albion
  • Other

  • Degrimston
  • The Satanic Paradigm
  • Screen Writers Guild
  • Wolf At The Door
  • Winter Laake/Photography