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Joćo Beraldo

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Home page:

Illustrator, writer, drummer, game designer, criative director, historian, webdesigner, student, madman. All those words describe who is Joćo Marcelo, but still fail to tell the whole story.

When he was 13, Joćo started working as an illustrator for course books and computer software beta-tester. Already then, to test such softwares, he created interactive stories (and tormented programmers with twice his age when he found seemingly unnoticeble errors). Evolved of llustrator to designer and, at age 17, got in Arts college, until been invited to work in Lisbon, Portugal, with e-learning.

After six months of hell, going thru late paychecks, getting lost miles from home and a toilet blowing up during the night, Joćo returned to Brazil to work with the portuguese corporation's Rio de Janeiro office, where he eventually became Multimidia Director, before deciding to take on new challenges.

The next few years took him to be part of several design projects. CDs about cancer treatment (whose pictures still haunt his dreams), fashion presentations and even working for the Army (even though he refused to get his hair cut and beard shaved). Joćo worked for four years with an independent group, SomniumStudio, developing electronic games. Was his job to create the game's backstory and develop it into a gameplay. Then, one day, he decided that his thing might be in a different area.

So, against all odds, Joćo got in college again, this time studying History. History course openes his eyes to an unnending source of ideas, to write everything he had for so long sketched and scribbled as RPG stories and computer games. It also opened his eyes to a senior student who, which her captivating eyes, smile of pity and fingers full of paint, hypnotizes him long enough to make Joćo another victim of college freshmen razing.

Today, 26 years old, Joćo Marcelo is Creative Director of, an e-learning company in Brazil. He lives in Rio de Janeiro in a quiet street linned with trees, whith that beautiful senior and an equally beautiful daughter.

Interests: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Alternate History

Published writer: No

Freelance: No