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Robert Tippett

Columbia, Tennessee, United States


Home page:

Graduate of a Georgia state university. Published first book through AuthorHouse
- Pearls Before Swine Volume 1: Predicting the Past. Published second book
through a different print-on-demand publisher, which has never paid one cent in
royalty. Do not use Page Free Publishing. They are thieves. My second book is
The Letters of Nostradamus and it is a part of the Pearls Before Swine series. I
have become a publisher now and all of my books will be re-released under my own
LLC, Katrina Pearls. I re-released a Second Edition of The Letters of Nostradamus
through Katrina Pearls Publishing in April 2010. I completed my third book, The
Systems of Nostradamus, in April 2010; and I completed my fourth book, The $25-
Million Answer, in January 2011. Books three and four were both published through
Katrina Pearls Publishing in February 2011. I completed a copyrighted book that is
a collection of articles I have posted on the Internet, on various site, including my
own. It is named The Book of Robert, and it was released in mid-December 2011.
It is available for free, but only via my website. Also in December 2011, I published
a copyrighted book named The Prophecies of Nostradamus in a Revised Order:
Centurie One. It is only available as a secured .pdf file, and only via my website.
For those who purchase The Systems of Nostradamus through my website, I give
them a free copy of this "ebook." In January 2012, Katrina Pearls published my
next book, The Epic Poem Prophesied by Nostradamus, with the subtitle being
The Prophecies in a Revised Order. It is all 947 quatrains in one book, in a revised
order of story. It is now available via B&N, Books-a-million, and Amazon. In March
of 2011, Katrina Pearls published my book explaining how Nostradamus told where
Osama bin Laden could be found hiding. That book is The $25-Million Answer. In
May 2013, Katrina Pearls published my book that explains how Nostradamus wrote
quatrains prophesying Marian apparitions. That book is Nostradamus & Our Lady
of Fatima. Katrina Pearls published my first book interpreting holy scripture in June
2014. That book is The Cain & Abel Story: An Interpretation.

Interests: Certified Astrologer, Interest in Metaphysics, Written Poetry (not for publication), Arts & Crafts.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Letters of Nostradamus: Realizing a Prophecy of Jesus Christ (Second Edition)
  • The Prophecies of Nostradamus in a Revised Order: Centurie One
  • The Cain & Abel Story: An Interpretation
  • The Systems of Nostradamus: Instructions for Making Sense of The Prophecies
  • The $25-Million Answer: How Nostradamus Told Where to Look
  • The Epic Poem Prophesied by Nostradamus
  • Nostradamus & Our Lady of Fatima
  • The Book of Robert
  • Pearls Before Swine, Vol. 1: Predicting the Past