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Maha Al Suroor

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates


Home page:

Born July 14, 1985, in the capital of U.A.E, Abu Dhabi, to Parents Humaid Salem [Emarati] and Nena Celeste Carbon [Filipina].
Have been writing since the tender age of twelve, when my mother had given me a computer to type my thoughts into.
I was never good with a diary, because I had hassle of keeping it away from both my mother's hands and my little sister's. Some of my first works were poems, that later became songs, and eventually short stories.

My writing abilities strengthened when I reached high school, and was writing for both pasttime, and pleasure. It was then that my friends and I started noticing my talent. I didn't think much of it before, because I assumed that there were many writers, and I only wrote to pour out troubles; grief; agony and pain, thus, never really taking it as something both "productive" and "fun."

I was published only last year in a competition that was held on our campus, Zayed University, Dubai. It was the competition for writing short stories in the precise word limit of fifty, excluding title and author.

I wrote because it was a challenge, and I won two special mentionings, and second prize. Sadly,some of my works from highschool got deleted but I have a few short stories, and one novel I am currently working on.

I only thought of this as a pasttime and never as a serious occupation until many noticed my writing skills, and how easy it is to express through pen and paper, or keys and screen.

Later, I won first place in the entire region. This was again done in the ESSC, the book was published for the third time and made its way to Japan. I was very happy at that state. I was then asked to write short stories for a newspaper, along with the second winner. I then appeared on national TV, for recognition of poetry and artwork. Mentioned on Radio, on my winning entry for the first ESSC competition, and because of this have grown to love poetry writing, and ave dedicated my time to it.
I am currently doing columns and designing columns because of my skill in QuarkXpress, and In Design CS. I hope to publish one day a book of my own, but until then, I will keep writing, and expressing myself.

I now do freelance writing, writing for articles and magazines, my poems are slowly being published, and may one day be contained in a book. I write articles for Qatar, and soon in my own hometown, but until then I will focus on graduation, and my position in the government.

Interests: Writing; Reading; Painting; Drawing; Singing; Dancing; Designing; Illustrator; Anime; Horror movies and playing arcades. [at home there is not much atmosphere]

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • A Pink Sky
  • Mat-he-mat-ics
  • Just Bcuz me kno no gramer
  • Poetry

  • Mine Albatross