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Dallas Releford

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States


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Biography of Dallas G. Releford

Mr. Dallas G. Releford, BS/MS
1518 Rugg Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231
Telephone: (513) 521-1346
URL: The Editors Eye

Dallas G. Releford was born in Central Kentucky, the Bluegrass State and has never regretted the exposure to country living to this day. He attended school there until he was seventeen. At that young age, he ventured to San Francisco, California in 1964 to pursue his educational objectives. His greatest objective was to be a writer and he had been writing at every opportunity since he first discovered books. His dream was to take him through many career changes and many environments before it was finally to be realized.

While in California, he studied business, office occupations, electronics, computers and took every English and writing course that he could. He worked as a photographer, reporter for a small local newspaper and even worked as a disc-jockey in a local radio station. Working at whatever he could find to get enough money to continue his education became the normal mode of operations for him over the years.

In 1968, he moved to Cincinnati and worked several jobs there until he met his wife, Sharon in 1983. Things changed then for the better as there were two paychecks and he had more time to study and pursue his degrees. Within a few years, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Masters of Science in Management Information Systems and several other degrees. During this time he was working in the computer field more frequently and even worked part-time as a computer consultant. He had been working in the computer field from time to time since the 60’s. But the hard-earned experience was about to pay off and reward him with a career in the writing field.

The next several years saw him writing more and he even finished a full-length novel that he started in 1962. This book, “Something Whispers” was published finally in the year 2000. The second novel, “Remembering Forever” was published in the year 2001. During this time he started American Electronic Publishing (1994) and began making important contacts with other writers and people in the publishing field.

Since that time, he has worked as a writer, technical editor, reviewer, consultant and just about everything else in the publishing field. At present, he has worked on over 80 books on computers for such companies as Macmillan, Sybex and many smaller companies. He has published over thirty full-length articles on everything from computers to how to set up a solar powered house suitable for the year 2000. He has plans for six more novels but has been too busy working for Macmillan to pursue them, presently.

He currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife, Sharon. His hobbies are computers, astronomy, electronics, photography and Linux. His dream is to write many more novels and to work full-time at home. His greatest legacy would be able to encourage other writers to not give up since it took him so many hard years just to get published.

Part of his initiative is to break into the short story market and write more articles and stories for national magazines. His plans include marketing his works overseas and in foreign markets.

His favorite color is blue and his favorite hobby is astronomy. He has an outside office at home (converted garage) and often watches the heavens through his telescope. His favorite season is spring as this is season that he has more time to watch the stars.

His hometown newspaper, the Danville, Kentucky Advocate Messenger recently did a story on his business, interests and life. His second full-length novel, “Remembering Forever” was published this year. His next novel, which he has already started is called, “Spirit of the Night” and is about the first human cloning.

The highlight of his career was when his family doctor bought his book, “Something Whispers” and liked it so much that he wrote a review of the book. What is unusual about this is that there is several parts of the book that features information on medical subjects such as bacteria and viruses. The doctor was impressed with his handling of the subjects so much that he decided to write a review.

Currently, he has performed Technical Editing on over sixty computer books for such companies as Macmillan (Sams, Que, etc.) and has even written some chapters on some of these books. His first (co-authored) computer book for SAMS was, Sams Teach Yourself Red Hat Linux in 24 Hours which was published in 2000. He also co-authored, Que’s Yellow Pages Guide to the Internet. He has plans to write other computer books and even plans to market some as electronic books on the Internet. He is also a writer of short stories and has sold dozens of articles on everything from computers to how to build a solar home for the 21st century.

Dallas G. Releford

Interests: Writing, computers, astronomy, science fiction, electronics and nature.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Something Whispers