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Prescient Imagination

Agent: agentname
washington, District of Columbia, United States

What I Do
I'm an information system security consultant who has worked for the National Security Agency and the White House. (The correct phrase is The Executive Office of the President. After all, the White House is just a building and it wasn't even called the White House for the first 100 years. Theodore Roosevelt is credited with the official change. It was called the Executive Mansion before Roosevelt had “White House” printed on the official stationary.) For you writers out there keeping score, the White House is a metonymy and is commonly used to describe the the President, the Cabinet, and the high-level government establishment.

Who I Am
Six foot two, eyes of blue, dark hair, Aries. Enjoys long walks on the beach…

I believe Prescient Imagination sums it all up. I think the ability to use your imagination and problem solve (tracking hackers, solving crimes, recovering intellectual property) is more important than intellect. I also seem to have some gifts that are commonly referred to as ESP. This has helped me out on more than one occasion and has led me to explore more of the new-age-section of the library.

I can quote almost every Simpsons’ episode. I even wrote an episode that roasted the last episode of Friends. It was much funnier before you knew how Friends was going to end: In my version, NBC decided to capitalize on the end of the show and the latest trend in reality TV by having a Survivor-style final 5 episodes where the Friends all voted one of the cast “out of the apartment” until TV-land learned the identity of the Final Friend. The last episode was viewed Mystery-Science-3000 style with the heads of the three celebrity guests (Krusty, Bee Man, and Troy McClure) visible at the bottom and making wise cracks. Of course, this being a Simpsons episode, no on in Springfield knew what to do with a free Thursday night now that the show was over. Lisa thought the last episode was lame and Bart felt TV had let him down in his time of need, so they both set out to make a better show. Homer meets up with a mid-life career counselor named Tristan McCool (New Character!) and learns how to enjoy life and be cool. After NBC and FOX pass, MTV airs Bart and Lisa’s new show: Real World Springfield. [Find out what happens when Selma, Comic Book Guy, Bee Man, Principal Skinner, Two Really Hot Chicks, and Tristan McCool all move in together.]

Does he have any original material?
My research into the business tells me that is always the question after you have written an excellent spec script. Yes, I have. It’s called Subject Matter Expert. The series features two consultants, one very egg head, the other very MacGyver-like. They start a consulting agency when they meet up at their high school reunion. The duo solves anything and everything with equal parts of high intellect, irreverent wit, and duck tape. I have three of these episodes written and a couple more in various stages.

Brad Johnson (FOX Comedy) told me that Carl Reiner wrote all 13 episodes of “Head of the Family” (The whole first season.) before he met with the network. Mr. Johnson told me to stop writing more episodes and get an agent for the ones I have. The show concept and episodes (WGA/w registered) currently have no binding agreements.

Although I would love to see my sitcom on TV someday, I would be grateful to start my journey as a jr. staff writer.

I also expect to write a couple of new-age-focused books in the near future. I would like to work with an agent that handles sitcoms and non-fictional manuscripts.

Interests: Comedy, Comedy, Comedy (sitcoms, movies, sketches) High-Tech Security (Hacing, Identity theft, intellectual property) New Age (ESP, Reiki, meditation)

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes