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Curtis Blair

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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Curtis Blair has been helping organizations transform human resources into resourceful humans for over 20 years. After spending many years in various North American institutions of higher learning, he emerged, kicking and screaming, into the business world. He began his sales career in the advertising and public relations business where he learned to make sweeping assumptions about people, namely, if they did not agree with us, they were fools.

During the Great Recession of 84 he moved to the telecommunications industry where he established the local office of an emerging telecom equipment supplier. As the senior sales guy he was responsible for recruiting, developing and mentoring the sales team. Under his watchful eye and guiding hand the team achieved stellar sales results that were never previously attained from that office (new branch, get it?)

He then moved to the local incumbent telephone company where he enjoyed a very successful career building and leading high performing sales teams. During the Great Transformation of 97 Curtis started his own company and now enjoys a life free of bureaucratic backbreaking banality. He now breaks his back as a writer, trainer, speaker and consultant. The rewards are much greater.

Interests: observing human behaviour, learning (anything), teaching (everything)

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Four Characters of Selling