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David C. Webb

1564 Dauphin Street
Mobile, Alabama, United States


David C. Webb moved to Mobile, Alabama in 1970 from his birth place of Miami,
Florida at the age of two to find greener pastures, sweltering humidity, and the USS
Alabama. Luckily, he found all three as he passed over Mobile Bay's causeway
that blustering summer day. He was reared by a military father and firm mother until
the age of six at which time he entered into a premature right-of-passage into early
adulthood. From this point, David grew up on the mean streets of Timberlane, a
bustling West Mobile neighborhood littered with crazed kids, acres of untrodden
green forest, wild animals of African decent, creek fiords of fresh water and raw
sewage, baseball diamonds galore, ancient pecan orchards, massive dirt bunkers,
rotten tree forts, and homemade skate boards. His book, Timberlane Dave
(Wingspan Press, 2005) details healthy family dysfunctions, major physical
catastrophes, and financial stresses that plagued his life between the ages of six and
ten years old. His story is told in the form of short stories that chronicle his
adventures in this rough and tumble terrain.

After tearing out the frame of his early childhood in Timberlane, he gradually learned
his way through the Mobile County public school system. He made astronomical
educational waves his freshman year in college by almost failing his first English
class; something about the professor saying "you can't write worth a flip."
Wedging his nose against a grindstone and a Webster's Dictionary while
consuming mass quantities of No-Dose, he fought the stigma of being a poor writer
for many semesters. He finally broke loose of the funky grammatical shackles
binding his creative spirit while writing 100-page case analyses for demanding
Business School professors at Birmingham-Southern College in the early 1990's.
Though his days and nights were filled with the splendor of writing diatribes of
analytical tripe on such mundane topics as statistical numeracy, business law
precedents, financial ratios, and marketing strategies, he essentially came to an
epiphany that maybe he could actually write other stuff as well. And he's been
struggling with this realization ever since.

After a six-year college career, David received his Bachelor of Science degree from
Birmingham-Southern College in 1992 with majors in Management, Marketing, and
Finance. He lit a torch in the financial world for almost two decades by burning up
the road & thousands of gallons of jet fuel traveling the country creating profitable
business relationships that have helped forge a substantial resume of solid
experience within established Fortune 500 companies. After the financial industry
collapse in 2008, David decided to change careers altogether. He is now a Director
of a top furniture manufacturing company in the US and enjoys his job immensely.

David resides with his wife, Blakeley, and sons, Charleston & Fincher, in Mobile, AL
where he continues to be involved in various creative projects. In his spare time, he
plans on completing a screenplay based on his first book Timberlane Dave, as well
as another collection of short stories based on the same central character called
Timberlane Dave, Perfectly Warped.

David's book is available on major on-line bookstores like,,, and E-
books are also available for your Kindle or I-pad.

Interests: Music, a cure for lethologica, astrophysics, phenomenology, grilling, Tiki construction, brewing,collecting musical instruments and loud equipment, competitive fishing, golf, writing, child rearing, Little Debbies, Conecuh Sausage, 2112, and UFOs.

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Published works:


  • Timberlane Dave