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Kristie Kennedy

Tallahassee, Florida, United States


Home page:

“The Faith Driven Woman”

If you want to witness a woman who continuously defies all odds, Kristie Kennedy is the exemplary crowning image. In the simple words of Langston Hughes she declares, “Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.” Yet, in the face of hardship and adversity she refuses to stop climbing towards a destiny marked with greatness.

In 1996, a transformation began to take place in her heart. One night while intoxicated, the Spirit of God began to convict her of sin. As she waited in the Tallahassee airport lobby for a flight to Miami, Florida, she began conversing with a stranger who was shining shoes. She heavily pondered the two questions he posed, “Are you happy?” and “Are you exercising your gift?” For most of her life, she battled secretly with the spirit of fear. She failed to share her beautiful voice with others due to the paralyzing grip fear had on her heart.

On that evening, the caged bird began to fly free as she stood before the shoeshine man singing with no apparent sign of fear. Gently, she unleashed the melodic tunes that she heard from within, and sang openly, “You say that you are my sheep, why aren’t you following me? You say that I am your shepherd why are you following me? When my sheep hear my voice, they come running to me, and you say that I am your shepherd, why aren’t you following me?” With tears streaming down her face, she turned her back on life as she knew it and decided to follow Jesus.
Everything that she thought was important up until that moment became worthless in light of Christ’s love. She was willing to put aside her life long dream of being a recording artist in order to pursue something of greater value and that was the presence of God.

Several years of obscurity allowed her time to develop a personal relationship with God, and in the year 2000 the dream to record was re-birthed in her spirit and mind. As a new creature in Christ, Kristie was fashioned by time, testing and transition into more than a singer but a worshipper. She discovered the purpose of her song was more than entertainment; but it was a gift from God that will be instrumental in ministering salvation and deliverance to wounded souls.

In the same year that she decided to follow after her dream to record, Kristie served God passionately during eight months of unemployment. Shortly thereafter, she lost most of her material possessions in a violent flood. This woman of faith continued to hope against hope and the Lord blessed one hundred fold by restoring all that was lost. She was blessed with a new job, purchased her first home and started her own business.

As she pressed forward, unwavering in her faith to record her debut CD “Beyond the Skies”, she had no idea that the project would take four years to complete. During this season of waiting for the manifestation of the promise, God was refining and purifying her heart. She used her spare time wisely by remaining diligent in her efforts. As a result of untiring focus, she wrote four CDs to follow her debut recording, and published her first book of poetry entitled Upon the Tables of My Heart. In addition, she has recently completed her second book Follow Your Dreams.

Kristie’s refusal to take no for an answer when it comes to achieving her goals is one characteristic that makes her unique. Her firm conviction is that all things are possible to them who dare, who do and who believe. She has financed her dreams independently through faith in God, and every need has been met according to Philippians 4:19.

As a woman who was once satisfied with mediocrity, Kristie has purposed to generate a legacy of greatness.
There are many who make excuses for not pursuing the desires of their heart and as a result live unfulfilled because they settle for average accomplishments. Her blood boils with a fervent faith in God that gives her the power to overcome every obstacle. She works a full time job during the day, serves her local church faithfully during the week and burns the midnight oil as an entrepreneur, composer, author, and recording artist.

Kristie is determined to live life to the fullest, and when her mission has been achieved for the Kingdom of God she will depart from earth without one single regret. Ms. Kennedy is going where not many dare to go: to a place of unlimited possibilities… Beyond the Skies!

Interests: Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, self-help, entreprenuership, godly success, leadership, singles and women's issues

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