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John J. Greenflowers

Como, Italy


Home page:

HR Manager, Legal Affairs Manager, Attorney at Law

Writer, Registered at WGA & SIAE.
About On Board Games (CORPOR8 2002- CARABIGAME 2003 - SPHERIC 2005);
About Reality Shows & Quiz Show (Corpor8 2003 The American Dream, The Blow 2003, 5DAYS B4...2004, Change 2004, TOPCARS 2005, Landing 2005)
About Marketing Enterprises (Unforget 2003, Most Wanted Talent Scout Sports Agency 2005; Miss BeautyFord 2005)

About Novels: "Five days before reviving" 2003, "Badroots, Saga 2005"

About Screenplays: "5DAYS B4...back 2 life" 2004, "Badroots, Cattive Radici 2005"

About Poetry: (11 September Memorial, 2003)
“The seventh day God was tired, and decided to spent his holiday in Capay Valley.
Oh! I remember God.
He was walking across your country, on a white horse, together with his Son and the Holy Spirit: He went down from the white horse and sat at the top of the Canyon, smiling”.

“A fresh wind came far from the Pacific sea, moving the black hairs of God. God had a look around Capay Valley: his happiness was so great that He cried. The tears of God ran down fast along his white beard, and more down straight into the bottom of the canyons, filling them: the tears of God made the Cache Creek river.
The Dreams Country was born”.

“I can feel the heart of Capay Valley people beating inside my soul.
I can see people working hard every day, looking to give hope and peace to the next generations. I can see, at the top, also Joshua, sat down by the fire, beside God: telling Him many stories: the "Joshua tails on the Cache Creek". I can see the American mothers shedding tears into the Cache Creek river: I can see the never ending happiness of their sons, dead for the freedom.
One river, many tears”.

“The tears of God and the tears of the Grieved-mothers: blended, all together, for ever.
In the same river..the Holy river”.

“Like a wild horse, riding along the Cache Creek, my heart is looking for a piece of God.
I can see children dreaming, smiling and playing in the meadows of Capay Valley, with their families”.

“One day I’ll touch the waters of the Cache Creek river and I’ll quench my thirst of God, my thirst of peace, my thirst of dreams.
God bless the World”.

Interests: Writing and Marketing

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes