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Celeste White

Redding, California, United States


I've been writing my entire adult life and feel that it's more of a life path than a
profession. I write pretty much everything--fiction and nonfiction, adult and
children's literature. My children's fable about the power of kindness, The Legend
of the Flying Hotdog, published by Green Tiger Press (Simon & Schuster) and
chosen as one of the Best Kids Books of the year by Parents magazine, was
optioned twice for a feature film by Yvette Kaplan, animation director of Beavis and
Butthead Do America. My main love, however, is adult fiction, both novels and
short fiction. I also have a background in biology, molecular biology and genetics to
be precise (with a B.A. in both English Literature and Biology from Wellesley
College and a Master's degree in Biology from U. Mass., Amherst), and I'm
fascinated with the interface between science and art, as well as the nebulous and
complex topic of human consciousness. These topics often figure in my fiction,
but not always. I would say that my main goals in my work are to write books that
are unselfconscious, genuine, and compassionate, to create compelling,
sympathetic characters, and above all, to write a good story. In addition, in my
case, I feel that living a rich and interesting life adds depth and authenticity to my
work, so I have traveled quite a bit (for example, living two years in Costa Rica,
spending several years temping and apartment-sitting in New York City in the
winters, and working and living in the high country of Colorado in the summers) and
worked in various professions. I now live in far northern California, an area that, up
until recently, has been fairly wild and unsettled, but my town has been discovered
by residents from the more southern portions of the state. To pay the bills, I do
editing, ghostwriting, technical writing, health writing, grant writing, tutoring,
teaching, and graphic design.

Interests: Rollerblading, found object art, mountain biking, carpentry, classical piano, hiking

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:

Children's Literature

  • Legend of the Flying Hotdog
  • Legend of the Flying Hotdog