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Conor Tilden

Greeley, Colorado, United States


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I am looking for representation for my next few novels. Currently, I have The Business Game and Mystery in the Castle out under Publish America.

“The Phoenix” is a fantasy story about Griffin, a young man born and raised in Colorado. Griffin grows up like any boy: playing games and sports, going to school, hanging with friends, and getting into trouble. Although Griffin grows up normal, he is far from normal.

Griffin is born with telekinetic and telepathic abilities. From an early age, Griffin is very aware of his telekinetic abilities. His telekinetic shield has saved him from his fair share of boyhood injuries, including a crash during a soccer game.

The book moves forward to Griffin as a high school student. As he has grown, his control over his telekinetic abilities has improved to the point that he can fly. He tests this ability one night by flying behind a jet plane. In high school, Griffin foregoes serious contact sports in favor of wrestling and running track. He also becomes aware of his telepathic abilities. During a high school wrestling match, Griffin is able to “hear” the thoughts of his opponent. Throughout his high school sports career, Griffin is able to keep his abilities a secret from his friends and from his parents.

Griffin continues his wrestling career in college, deciding to accept a full scholarship to Texas A & M. One fateful day while Griffin and his two best friends, Garrett and Sarah, are walking to class, he is forced to use his abilities to stop a backpack bomb from destroying a protest table. The only witnesses to his abilities are Garrett and Sarah. Fortunately for Griffin, Garrett and Sarah don’t run from his abilities. They accept his abilities. Both Garrett and Sarah have a hand in changing Griffin from a free airline to places like Las Vegas and Hawaii into the hero that both believe he was born to become.

Griffin’s escapades as “Phoenix” garner the attention of local anti-Phoenix groups, the President of the United States, the United Nations, and most of the developed countries around the world. While many of the countries ignore “Phoenix” and his adventures, other countries see “Phoenix” as a major threat and demand that he cease his crime fighting and turn himself over to those countries for trial. Two countries make some serious threats and one of the countries launches a bio-nuclear missile at the United States. “Phoenix” is forced to destroy the missile and the contents inside.

“The Phoenix” will show Griffin finding a balance between being a friend, a student, a boyfriend, and a hero. It also shows the struggles that Griffin will face being a hero, and the decisions he will make to keep his friends and the nation safe.

Interests: Reading, writing, swimming, biking, Discovery Channel

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Business Game
  • Mystery in the Castle