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Janet Paszkowski

Alpharetta, Georgia, United States


Home page:


Honorable Mmention
Revenge Lit Flash Fiction Contest
June, 2009

Everyday Musing Poetry Contest 2009
One of the top 25 poems (out of 350 submissions) awarded publication in Everday
Musings Anthology June, 2009

3rd Place Poetic Idol Contest
Artella--Spring Issue 2008

Honorable Mention/Summer 2007
WOW (Women on Writing)
Fiction Contest

1st Place/June 2006
The Smith Moseley Award for Poetry
31st Southeastern Writers Workshop
Southeastern Writers Association

2nd Place/2005
First Chapter of a Novel Contest
Byline Magazine

8th Place/2005
The National Writers Association Short Story Contest

Published Finalist(2005)
The Binnacle’s Second Annual Ultra-Short Anthology Contest
The University of Maine at Machias

3rd Place/2005
Writing Smarter Competition/Double-Digit Category
San Gabriel Writer’s League

Honorable Mention, Haikus about Motherhood (2005)
Brain Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers Mamaku

Honorable Mention, 2005
Caorlyn A. Clark Soul Making Literary Competition
National League of Pen Women, San Francisco Bay Branch

9th Place, November 2004
73rd Annual Writer’s Competition
(nonrhyming poetry category)
Writer’s Digest Magazine

Finalist, 2004
Short Story Portfolio
Santa Fe Writers Project
Santa Fe Literary Awards Program, October 2004

Finalist 2004 Storycove Fiction Contest
Word Smitten Literary Magazine

Fellowship, The 2004 Arts & Letters Workshop
Georgia College & State University

Honorable Mention,February 2004
4th Annual Short Short Story Competition
Writer’s Digest Magazine

Second Prize, January 2004
Haiku Contest
Writer Online

First Prize, June 2000
Leroy Spruil Fiction Award
Southeastern Writer’s Conference

First Prize, July/August 1999
Humor Contest
Humor and Life in Particular

First Prize, July/August 1999
Short Story Contest
Pinckneyville Writers Annual Awards

Third Prize, 1998
Short Story Contest
Gwinnett Writers, Annual Awards


Everyday Musings Anthology June 2009
Poem - And so it began . . .

SHALLA Magaine: Winter Bloom Issue 2008
Short story - The Whirlpool Galaxy

WOW! (Women on Writing)
Guest Blogger - Darlin' I Vant to be Alone
January 2, 2008

WOW! (Women on Writing)
Guest Blogger - My Not So Secret Formula for Winning Writing Contests
December 4, 2008

WOW! (Women on Writing)
Short Story - Snowflakes in July
(Fall 07)

Kennesaw Review (Fall 07)
Haibun poems - Sea Cameo.
Contemplating Lobster.
Splice of Life.

Sea Stories (Fall 07)
Haibun poem

Mom Writer's Literary Magazine (Spring 07)
Poem - A Special Meal; Remembering Mother

Boston Literary Magazine (Fall 2006)
Quick Fiction - Like Heaven On Earth

Cezanne's Carrot (June 2006)
A Literary Journal of Fresh Observations
Short Story - The Whirlpool Galaxy

Andwerve Literary Journal (April 2006)
Poem - I Want a Divorce

A Young Poet's Guide to Poetry and Poetry Writing (March 2006)
Article - How to Invite Readers Into Your Poem With a Great Title

Stories of Strength/Anthology (2005)
Collection of poems, essays & short fiction
Contributing Editor/Poem - I Was In My Rose Garden

The Binnacle’s Second Annual Ultra-Short Anthology (2005)
The University of Maine at Machias
Ultra-short story - That's What They Say

Savvy Women Magazine (Australia/September 2005)
Poem - Color Me

Flashshot (August 2005)
Poem - The Sky Watchers

Tinywords (June 2005)
Poem - Iquana Stew

Flashquake Literary Journal (Winter Issue 2004/2005)
Haibun Poem - Break Away

Literary Mama Literary Magazine (September 2004)
Poem - The Goddess of Destiny

The Writer’s Room (June 2004)
Flash Fiction - The Truth About Mary

Absolute Write (August, 2004)
Article - Defining Artless Fiction: 24 Basic Differences
Between Literary & Mainsream/Genre Writing

Thresholds Quarterly (May, 1999)
Short Story - Eve Rywoman

The Nocturnal Lyric (April 1999)
Short Story - The Mother of All Mothers’ of the Bride

Vermont Ink (Summer 1998)
Poem - Mighty Mini

Words of Wisdom - No.2, (1998)
Short Short Fiction - Cindy Harleyella

The Bulwer Lytton Dark and Stormy Rides Again Fiction Contest,compiled by Scott
Rice, Penquin Books (1996)
Short Short Fiction - The Wild Thing Diner

The Vincent Brothers Review (1996)
Short Short Fiction - How to Resign from the Junior League


Content Writer-travel related (July 2009 - present) Feature articles about Chicago Travel

Content Writer-travel related (April 2009 - present)
Design Studio &

Content Writer-travel related (March 2009 - present)
Name Futures

Book Reviewer (March 2009 - present)
U.S. Review of Books

Language and Culture Writer
Bright Hub (August 2008 - present)

Book Reviewer
Afterthoughts (July 2008 - present)

Book Reviewer
Writers Notes (March 2008 - present)

Culture and Memoir Judge for 2008 Hoffer Awards(March 2008)

Fiction Editor (November 2007 - currently)
Flash Me Flash Fiction Magazine

Fiction Editor (March thru August issues 2006)
Andwerve Literary Magazine

Poetry Editor (2005)
Stories of Strength/Anthology


“How to Win Writing Contests” Workshop Instructor, Georgia Writers, Dunwoody,
GA April, 2004

Speaker/ Women of the 21st Century Symposium , Barnes & Noble, Gwinnett, GA

Chairwoman, 35th Annual Georgia Author of the Year Awards, 1998

Featured Poet, “An Evening of Readings”, 1997, Pinckneyville Arts Center

Memoir Workshop Instructor, Borders Books, Duluth, GA, 1997-1998

Creative Writing/Memoir Workshop Instructor, Pincknyville Arts Center, 1996-98

Featured Writer, “An Evening of Creativity”, 1996, Pincknyville Arts Center


B.F.A. School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Georgia State University/post-bacheloratte creative writing and poetry course work

Georgia College and State University/creative writing workshop

Kennesaw College & State University/editing course and conferences

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill/grammar course

Berry College/women’s creative writing seminar

Southeastern Writers/conferences

Georgia Writer’s/conferences

First Coast Writers' Festival

University of Georgia/Harriet Austin Conferences

Interests: Janet Paszkowski is a freelance fiction writer, poet and visual artist. A graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, her fiction and poetry have received regional and national awards, and have appeared in literary and mainstream markets.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The Whirlpool Galaxy
  • Like Heaven On Earth
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  • The Goddess of Destiny
  • A Very Special Meal
  • In the Coming Light
  • Color Me
  • Splice of Life
  • I Was In My Rose Garden
  • Sea Cameo
  • Break Away
  • Iquana Stew
  • Contemplating Lobster
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