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john hoehn

Au, Zurich, Switzerland


Born in Melbourne, Australia of Swiss parents, educated in Melbourne & Zurich. Founded & ran several succsssful service & manufacturing companies. John writes about Australian local history, the current series being 'Austalia's Quiet Achievers'. He has also has written short stories, articles and given lectures to mamagement.

Ask Mum for sixpence:
A first generation Australian boy learns about his unusual elders including a graphic account from his step-father's 1926 diary when he deserted ship in Melbourne and the hardships that followed. The book has tense & humorous incidences throughout, with a very surprising ending.
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The Tuesday Table:
A member's accurate recording from inside a little known group of wine & food enthusiasts who met regularly at Hermann Schneider's Two Faces Restaurant, Melbourne during Australia's wine emergence of the 1960s and 70s. They invited guests of renown including wine show judges for lively discussion on fine wines, cuisine & the arts. Such members and guests included Max Lake, Len Evans, Rudy Komon, Doug Seabrook, Doug Crittenden, Reg Egan, John Campton Peter Rowland and Alan McCulloch.
The book describes over 450 Australian and overseas wines and more than 180 of Hermann Schneider's courses with critic's comments.
The critique reveals how accurate the predictions were on the future of Australia's wine industry.
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Commando Kayak:
Proven both for white-water and sea-going sports, this craft was adopted by the Australian army and the ‘Z’ Services Reconnaissance Department as the most suitable folboat for raids, patrols and rescue work in and around the islands during the Pacific War.

The book covers its development from 1924 through WWII to the end of the Vietnam war. It has many images of these folboats in action, copies of ‘secret’ documents relating to its procurement, testing and use, plus reproductions of the original and army folboat plans and handy index.

A total of 1024 were ordered during WWII. Due to its performance, it remained the best regarded and had the longest run of wartime folboats. The first two were rushed by Colonel Mott to Major Ivan Lyon’s secret Camp-X on the Hawkesbury River in 1942 to train commandos for Operation JAYWICK. They were also deployed on many operations such as RIMAU( see books: Heroes of Rimau & Krait, COPPER (See book: Guns of Muschu) and PYTHON (see books: Silent Feet & Australian Commandos).

Many were sent to Z Force Cairns and Fraser Island in Queensland Australia, where they were tested by such commando personalities as Capts. Sam Carey, Bob Page, Majors Trappes-Lomax & Moneypenny, Lieut. John Sachs and Sgt. ‘Blondie’ Sargent. They were also later used at Mount Martha Training camp. The book recounts the events with those involved.

After 6 years of research by author John Hoehn, this work on Australian built military folboats has been published. It is now recognised that these Australian built craft played a major role with our commandos for many years.
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Interests: Writing, reading human interest, veteran cars, sailing.

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Freelance: No