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Ajit Harisinghani

Agent: None

Pune, India


Born in Thane, Mumbai in 1950. Travelled to the US for post graduate studies. Then went around the world on a shoe-string. Based in Pune.
My new book ONE LIFE TO RIDE has been published in June 2008 and is going into reprint in August 2008.
Bibliophile South Asia.
Paperback. pp 224, Rs.195/-

The book I'm currently writing is based on true-life events that happen in India, United States, Thailand and Japan, the focus is on sexuality and spirituality, both finally merging into a symbiotic reflection of human needs and interests.

The content attempts to entertain, empower, shock and perhaps even liberate!


The proposed book is a non-fiction narrative, which describes journeys.

The younger author’s trip, zigzagging through America from California to New York, interspaced with encounters with the women he meets and looses in his travels through Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Mumbai, Srinagar, Kolkatta, Rangoon, Bangkok, Tokyo and LA. It talks about how Jay plans to return to America, now that Diane will not marry him. How he makes a visa-deal with Angela in Bangkok.

How he is stuck in Tokyo with no money, how he is forced to beg on the Shinju-ku railway station. And how he goes to jail in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Stockholm and Seattle. How he escapes from his lock-up but returns to his confinement in the lock-up in Seattle. And how he finally lands in Mumbai, alone, broke, disheartened and desperate.
The other journey is the mind traveling through realms of memories, inferences and possibilities. The road here leads through the thoughts of a confused, sexually-starved youngster as he lets his experiences with women shape his itinerary through his growing years. There is always an element of mischief intertwined within events, which gradually begin to swerve from the sexual to the spiritual. This spiritual quest is not a ‘religious’ one. Rather, it attempts to read the universe and our place in its cosmic design. Our desires, and the stress that we put ourselves through chasing their fulfillment. The guilt we reap from pleasure and the fear that we have of losing it all to that dreaded enemy – death.

The final book will run to around 60,000 words. Pictures, sketches and maps can form part of the contents. The chapters will alternate between the motorcycle trip through India and the sexual adventures of the younger author who is called by his ‘American’ name Jay. It is proposed that as it nears its end, Jay’s mind-set will fall into synchrony with his present attitude, releasing him from some of the doubts and guilts that have only restrained his self-growth.

The message here is that really, we are all okay. With all our little biological secrets and suppressed memories of things we can’t now talk about, we are all fine just as we are today, right at this very moment of existence.

Interests: Professional interests focus around speech therapy techniques to help young adults who stammer. Cross country travels on motorcycle, reading, singing and sky gazing are my other interests.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • One Life to Ride- A Motorcycle Journey to the High Himalayas.