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Garrett Cook

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2 S 620 Cynthia Drive
Warrenville, Illinois, United States


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AOL: KafkaSquid

I was born in 1982 in a little town on the North Shore of Massachusetts that had two things going for it: it was old and it was rich. My family has always been both young and poor, so the ins and outs of fitting into such a community were never really our bag. My grandfather made good money doing engine mock ups for airplanes, but his bipolar was a dark cloud that loomed over our household that led to chronic firings and multiple stays in institutions for him, and as he was always the breadwinner, a lot of financial scrapes ensued. He remained haunted by the presence of his dead wife and the guilt that nearly drove him to suicide, just as our house remained haunted by any number of entities all of whom communicated with varying effectiveness to my mother, little brother and I who possess the dubious gift of mediumship.
Death and the dead have been a big influence on me, as has a childhood watching horror occur on and off the television. Illusions, violent episodes and plates tossed by invisible entities were often the order of the day in my home and to this day my mediumship has given me a knack for finding haunted places, something that added color to what might have been percieved as a traumatic but otherwise unremarkable childhood.
With these influences, I began to write my novel at the age of 16, a story of a depressed advertising executive's journey through a dark urban nightmare of an afterlife toward understanding. At first this book looked to be banal and derivative, but over time, my survival of my own mental illness and the sundering of much of my family following my grandfather's death to fill this book with soul and insight which have been tempered by my studying and working toward translating Dante and by my study of afterlife beliefs in many cultures.
My book Murderland Part 1:H8 is now available on Amazon. Buy it here:

Interests: Thanatology, folklore and myth, horror and dark fantasy, classic ghost stories, parapsychology and the occult, BDSM, Poe, Dante, Joyce, roleplaying, horror films, Italian, abnormal psychology, raising rabbits, anime, cult cinema

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