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Nasir Hafeez

Agent: Yousaf Mukhtar
Lahore, Pakistan


MSN: msn

Name = Nasir Hafeez
Phone: +92-042-7222603Mob : +92-0300-4327287Email :
City = Lahore
Profession = Writer,Journalist
working for Majeed Book Depot Lahore
working in Daily Nawa-e-Waqt Lahore
Previous Profession= Worked as a journalist(sub-editor,radio-monitor and survey reporter in different Urdu dailies like Daily Mashriq, Daily Pakistan, Daily Jang, Daily Nawa-e-Waqt and Daily Sadaqat.
Qualification = M.A Journalism from Panjab University Lahore
Diploma in V.B.NET
As a Journalist my experience is as under
Aug.1997–Aug.1998 Daily Jang Sir Agha Khan RoadSub-EditorWorked at Social Service Pages(Day shift)Survey ReporterWorked at Social Service Pages(Day shift)
Sep1991–Dec.1993 Daily Pakistan Jail Road LahoreSub-EditorWorked at Commerce Desk as In charge (night shift).Worked at Main Desk, International news page (night shift).In charge radio Monitoring Desk(night shift)
May.1995–Oct.1995 Daily Sadaqat Nisbat Choak LahoreSub-EditorWorked at International Desk.
May.1991–Oct.1990 Nawa-e-Waqt Chairing Cross LahoreSub-EditorWorked at Main Desk(night shift).
Jan.1986–Apr.1991 Daily Mashriq Nisbat Choak LahoreSub-EditorWorked at Local Desk (night shift).Worked at Main Desk (night shift).In charge radio Monitoring Desk (night shift)
June.2005 till Now Nawa-e-Waqt Chairing Cross LHRSub-EditorWorking at Main Desk/ Monitoring Desk
My Published books are:
M.A. Political Science:1. Maghrab ke Siasi Afkar( European Pol. Thought) Urdu2. Mashriq ke Siasi Afkar( Eastern Pol. Thought) Urdu3. Nazria Hakoomat wa Siasat(Ideology, Government and Politics) Urdu4. Taqabali Siasat( Contemporary Politics) Urdu5. Benulaqwami Siasat(International Politics) UrduB.A Books: 1.Mutalia-e-Pakistan (Pakistan Studies) Urdu2. Naqoosh-e-Sahafat (Journalism) UrduB.Ed. Books: 1. Dastoor Nisaab School( School Curriculum)2. Tadreesi oar Iblaghi Maharatain (Teaching and Communication Skills) (Urdu) 3. Teaching and Communication Skills (English) (Edited)4. Instructional Technology and Computer Applications (Urdu)5. Teaching and Social Studies (English)6. Nazmo Nasq Madrassah (School Administration) (Urdu)7. Taleemi Nafsiat oar Nisab (Educational Psychology and Curriculum) (Urdu)8. Jaiza Rehnumai oar Tehqiq (Evaluation, Guidance and Research) (Urdu)L.L.B. Books: Part I:1. Jurisprudence (European) Urdu (Edited)2. Law of Contract (Urdu) (Edited)3. Islamic Jurisprudense (Urdu) (Edited)4. Law of Tort (Urdu) (Edited)5. Taazeerat-e-Pakistan (Pakistan Penal Code) (Urdu) (Edited)6. British and US Constitution (Urdu) (Edited)Part II:1. Constitution of Pakistan (with latest amendments) (Urdu) (Edited)2. Nisfat (Equity) (Urdu) (Edited)3. Mercantile Law (Urdu) (Edited)4. Law of Transfer of Property (Urdu) (Edited)5. Islamic Personal Law (Urdu) (Edited)6. Law of Evidence (Urdu) (Edited)7. International Law (Urdu) (Edited)Part III:1.Civil Procedure Code(Under Process) (Urdu) (Edited)2. Criminal Procedure Code(Under Process) (Urdu) (Edited)3. Qanoon-e-Shahadat(Law of Evidence) (Urdu) (Edited)F.A Books: 1. Ilmul-Taleem (Education) Part I-II (Urdu)2. Mutalia Pakistan (Pak Studies) (Urdu)
Idias of Books given by me:
1. Generalization of L.L.B Books for the welfare and know how of general public.2. Foreign Policy of Pakistan Trends,Terms and Turns of the Respected Governments.

Interests: reading and writing

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Teaching and Communication Skills