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catherine poirier

Agent: none
Clearwater, Florida, United States


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AOL: zwritergal

I finally moved from Salem CT to Clearwater Fl.
I have been writing since I was 9. I am now 44 turning 10. I have decided I don't like adult hood and I don't want to get any older. Who said we had to grow up anyways?

I currently have 4 books out. Two are in a series of Don't U Laugh! Kat and Terrorists, FBI Agents, Strippers & Corporate Turbulence, and Reality tV. Then there's my poetry book, The Dancer Poetry in Motion. I write from my heart. I am bold, aggressive, sensual and sassy in my writing. I love to play with words no one ever hears. Either you love my books or you are totally threatened by the reality of what i have to say. "Howard Stern bite the bullet, there's finally a woman out there who is as bold and daring as you!"
I am an aritist and people who are artists should appreciate each other! In essence I am not judgmental and people amuse me more than they make me angry. I am never critical of others, I am usually too entertained.

I am working on another novel right now, 'Alice" the story of a bi-racial woman and her issues with men, people and life! It is funny at times, however my heroine will make you cry and want to help her. But you can't. She will figure it out eventually. She many mountains to climb before she gets to the top of the tallest one... Sound familiar?

Interests: music, theater, art, reading, swimming, sports, gardening,

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Terrorists, fbi agents, strippers, corporate turbulence
  • don't u laugh!
  • Don't U Laugh! Reality tV.
  • Poetry

  • The Dancer Poetry in Motion