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Michael Jean Nystrom-Schut

6327 Avalon Lane E Dr
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States


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Michael Jean Nystrom-Schut has been writing and publishing for some three decades now but trying to figure out the meaning to life’s deepest questions for even far longer than that. With several years’ background and experience in education, business and real-life circumstances thus-far confronted, the questions, in his mind, still outweigh the answers.
Michael has spent many years piecing together a worldview that he considers to be livable, effective and reasonable. Failing to find this from the religious and cultural communities, or from many other more traditional means, he set out on a private, eclectic path of personal enlightenment. He now understands that “the path…the journey…” is individual and unique for each of us.
A working philosophy of everyday life is important for all. Michael knows that, and has been active to date in writing over thirty books in an effort to create a pattern of anthological thought that will provide his readers with all of what they need to encounter life in a successful and meaningful way.
Michael travels back and forth to work and home, spending two months in the United States, and then leaving for two months to his Costa Rican offices, all year long. He actively labors for his not-for-profit, 501(c)3 corporation (The Center for Health and Human Services) out of offices near the rain forests of Costa Rica, Central America, helping many through various programs who are in need of such help.
With a continuous passion for this written work, his quest to leave behind a comprehensive legacy of philosophy and life, in book summary form, is, by his own admission, an endless one.

Interests: Philosophy, worldview, metaphysics, spirituality, self-help, psychology, relationships, etc...LIFE IN GENERAL!!!!!

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Published works:


  • Worldview 101: 101 entry level looks at life on earth
  • Keeping it Real in an Unreal World: Staying as real as possible in a world of illusion
  • Mountain Peeks: Elevated Glimpses of the High Life
  • My World: The First 50 Years
  • San Juan: Glimpses in Time (Travels Through Shadow and Light)
  • Loving Sensual Exchange (The Encyclopedia) The Marriage of Sex, Love and God