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Stephen Richards

Agent: Stephen Richards
PO Box 161
Gateshead, NE8 1WY, United Kingdom

The Golden Pen, Stephen Richards has had his books serialised in the national press and magazines.

His TV credits include: Panorama,Trevor McDonald’s Tonight, and has appeared in numerous crime related, national and international, TV documentaries.

Currently, the maverick investigative journalist acts as a literary agent for crime writers, is writing more true crime books, produces and directs crime documentaries and also promotes on the website www.crimebiz.com.

His upbringing, by today’s standards, was painful! Being shifted about from pillar to post, as a child, (even living in a field for a time and then in a wooden hut) had its drawbacks. This constant drifting, which was no fault of his mother, was reflected in hix lack of literacy and numeracy skills.

After a spell of living in Morpeth’s Thomas Taylor Home, his mother and he eventually settled in the tough East End of Newcastle (Scotswood). After a short spell, they moved to Gateshead.

Stephen still wasn’t able to grasp basic literacy skills until he reached the age of 11, by which time he was considered a ‘dunce’ because he couldn’t read anything more basic than ‘the cat sat on the mat’. He became an object of ridicule and endured being bullied by his peers. Steve was in a constant state of fear and he started to wet the bed, which he didn’t grow out of until he was 15.

Effortlessly, he took to truancy. For days on end, he would, often, take solace in his situation by seeking refuge in the safest place he knew, Gateshead’s Saltwell Park … until his mother found him!

There he was, sitting basking in the summer sun, in the middle of the great lawn that leads down to the park lake. He must have stuck out like a sore thumb. There, in the distance, Steve could see the ominous figure of his mother looming towards him … he was frozen to the spot with fear! All of this had come about because he couldn’t read or write. He ran away from the problem and now it was chasing after him … he was caught!

Years later, it was discovered that Stephen had been born a natural left-hander and had been forced to write with his right hand. This had accelerated the small problem of being slightly dyslexic to it becoming a full-blown case of dyslexia gigantic.


From being a bed wetting bullied dyslexic, he now owns a multi-million pound publishing company, and is a successful published investigative author, having had seven of his books serialised in the UK daily and Sunday press and national magazines.

Stephen also writes for the top London publishing house of Blake Publishing, having nearly 40 books published, directed documentaries and act as a consultant to many investigative TV shows. (Real Lives, Panorama and Trevor McDonald’s Tonight, etc.)

Membership of the NUJ (National Union of Journalists) came about when life member and Old Bailey court reporter James Nicholson nominated Stephen.

On a regular basis Stephen contributes news items to many national newspapers and often covers behind the scenes background stories.

Stephen also acts as literary agent to many aspiring authors, having secured publishing deals for some of them via his own professional contacts in the publishing world.

Biggest publishing achievement: publishing the authorised biography (written by Sting’s closet friend) of Sting the rock star, which was of sufficient quality to carry his personal foreword. This book was serialised by the News of the World and Ireland’s Sunday Life, as well as being Night & Day mag’s Book of the Week and being praised on the Richard & Judy Show.

Biggest personal literary achievement: one of his titles outselling Catherine Cookson’s books on Tyneside (Christmas 1998).

Biggest accolade: the Times newspaper once described his publishing company, Mirage Publishing, as ‘ … an obscure publishing company from Tyneside’.

Due to his regular take up of emotive issues, he is classed as a maverick of the publishing industry.

The Golden Pen of hard man books, Stephen Richards, claimed a world record in having six differently titled books published (all of at least 80,000 words) in the UK within 4 months by a bona fide publisher (not self-published).

The first of these six books was launched on 1 April 2005 and the last of the six in the record was published in August 2005. The top London publishing house of Blake Publishing published all of the titles.

Also, Stephen claimed a separate record a separate by virtue of having three of the six titles published in the same month, April.

Stephen said of this feat, “This was accidental, but might inspire other writers.”

The titles, all within the true crime genre, can be checked on the web site of www.Amazon.co.uk

The titles are:

1. April 1st: Caroline Robert's 'The Lost Girl' (Ghost written) (ISBN: 1843581485)
2. April 1st: Richy Horsley’s 'Born To Fight' (Ghost written) (ISBN: 1844540960)
3. April 1st: Crash N Carry (ISBN: 1844541061)
4. June 1st: Title: 'Viv Graham' (ISBN: 1844541274)
5. July 1st: Brian Cockerill's 'Tax Man' (Ghost written) (ISBN: 1844541347)
6. August: Jimmy Holland's 'Lost in Care' (Ghost written) (ISBN: 1844541614)

To date, Stephen has come out of the closet and as he puts it, "Thanks to Noel Edmunds being the first to admit using Cosmic Ordering, I feel able to own up to having followed this so-called New Age belief since the mid Nineties."

His book, Cosmic Ordering Guide: where dreams can become reality, has been published on a very special date: 06.06.06.

Following up on this date he has also had two othe books published on a special date of: 07.07.07

The Cosmic Ordering Service: 101 Orders for Daily Use (Paperback)

Cosmic Ordering: Oracle Wish Cards [Box set] (Cards)

Interests: Autobiography/biography/Self-help/New Age

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Who's the Thief
  • The Good Prison Guide
  • The Lost Girl
  • Street Warrior
  • Crash N Carry
  • It's Criminal
  • Ramraiders
  • Viv (Graham) - Simply The Best
  • Legends
  • Silent Scream: The Charles Bronson Story
  • Crime Through Time: The Black Museum
  • Viv Graham and Lee Duffy's Parallel Lives
  • Insanity: My Mad Life
  • Looking at Life
  • Psycho Steve
  • The Charles Bronson Book of Poems: Birdman Opens His Mind Bk. 1
  • Cosmic Ordering Guide: where dreams can become reality
  • Fight to the Death: Viv Graham and Lee Duffy - Too Hard to Live, Too Young to Die
  • Street Warrior
  • The Cosmic Ordering Service: 101 Orders for Daily Use
  • Street Warrior (Paperback)
  • Cosmic Ordering: Oracle Wish Cards [Box set] (Cards)
  • Scottish Hard Bastards (Paperback)
  • Fight to the Death: Viv Graham and Lee Duffy - Too Hard to Live, Too Young to Die (Paperback)
  • Armed and Dangerous (Paperback)
  • Scottish Hard Bastards
  • Armed and Dangerous (Paperback)
  • Cosmic Ordering Guide: where dreams can become reality
  • Cosmic Ordering Connection: Change Your Life Within Minutes!
  • The Good Prison Guide
  • Lost in Care (Paperback)
  • Solitary Fitness (Paperback)
  • The Krays and Me (Paperback)
  • Street Warrior
  • The Lost Girl: How I Triumphed Over Life at the Mercy of Fred and Rose West
  • Solitary Fitness
  • Hailey's Story
  • Lost in Care
  • Heart of Darkness (Hardcover)
  • Fight to the Death: Viv Graham and Lee Duffy - Too Hard to Live, Too Young to Die
  • Insanity: My Mad Life
  • Tax Man
  • Silent Scream
  • Legends Vol. 1
  • Viv Graham
  • The Krays and Me
  • Viv and the Geordie Mafia: Vol 2
  • Viv (Graham): Final Chapter v. 3
  • Born to Fight
  • Public Consumer Enemy: The A-Z Handbook of How to Complain and Win!