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Faun Pischerke

Merrifield, Virginia, United States



Faun Pischerke (AKA George Primov) was born, grew up, attained his education (Masters of Science in Applied Physics) and spent most of his formative years in Bulgaria. This is a country of about 8.5 million people in the Southeast corner of Europe that borders former Yugoslavia to the West, Romania to the North, Greece and Turkey to the South and the Black Sea to the East. The oppressive, pro-Soviet communist regime that ruled the country for nearly fifty years, until the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent demise of the Soviet Union, vastly restricted personal liberties, including travel and dissemination of ideas. Yet, it maintained a door, slightly ajar to Western (American including) cultural influence. This has played an instrumental role in the development of GP's ideas and outlook. Add the cultural tolerance and acceptance, resulting from living in a multiethnic society, spice it up with the deep-rooted skepticism, characteristic for all Bulgarians, and further enhanced as a result of a rigorous scientific education, coupled with social studies, both on Communism and capitalism, and you get some idea about the critical, cynical and often, nonconformist views of the author. He has published about 40 articles in popular and scientific publications and has recently discovered a passion for other writing as well.
GP has finished a book that provides an in-depth, total cultural immersion, insider look as to what life was like behind the Iron Curtain, with a view from the top and a view from the bottom. In this Plato's 'realm of shadows', every little Party prince and princess rule as they see fit and common folk are caught between dignity, honor, crime and sin. Justice travels along circuitous ways and when villains cross the imperceptible line between an asset and a liability, it is often too late...
History, myths and modern reality mingle inextricably and heroes often act according to the karma in their names...
The book has undergone a rigorous editing and proof reading process and is ready to hit the shelves.
The author survives by teaching during the week, working a weekend retail job and providing trilingual telephonic services to various clients...
These opportunities provide invaluable insights for endless ruminations on human nature and raw material for future works.
George Primov has penned many research articles on a variety of topics. Some of these can be found on the Web at: http://portal.acm.orgresults.cfm?query=author%3AP95893&querydisp=author%3AGeorge%20V%2E%20Primov&coll=GUIDE&dl=GUIDE&CFID=15151515&CFTOKEN=6184618 and: - tac-5-2). He is also a contributing author (under a penname) of "Staying Sane When You're Buying or Selling Your Home", P.Brodowsky and E.Fazio (editors), Feb 2007, Da Capo Press, ISBN: 0-7382-1058-7).
Additionally, George Primov has received certification as a Certified Language Proficiency Tester from the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).
Some of his awards and citations include: "International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England - International Diploma of Honour; " "Outstanding Contribution in the Field of Scientific Research and Integrity", 2000; American Biographical Institute * International Diploma of Honor - * For significant contributions to Global Society Through the Field of Network Engineering and a Commemorative Plaque for "Integrity and Courage in Adverse Situations", 2000; Honorary Appointment to the Research Board of Advisers, 2000; Universal Award of Accomplishment 2001; US Copyright Office, Library of Congress - Commemorative Plaque for Enhancements to the Russian Support Module of WordPerfect 5.1 (DOS), 1995

Interests: history, conspiracy, cold war, human relations, esoteric teachings; currently searching collaborators for an exclusive book on Afghanistan and offering insider information on the workings of the Afhgani society and the US Arme./

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Staying Sane When You’re Buying or Selling Your Home’, P.Brodowsky and E.Fazio (editors),
  • Operation Southerly Breeze
  • Southerly Breeze
  • Nonfiction

  • A holography-based computer-aided translation system-conceptual analysis
  • Using WordPerfect 5.1 (DOS) for Rare Languages Translation
  • How to Run a Business on a Shoestring Computer Budget A Dummies Book of Tips and Tidbits
  • A survey on systems informational paradigm to the psychic