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Jacob Kuhn

Agent: Searching For One
Arlington Heights, Illinois, United States


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AOL: boioflife

I have been writing since I was 11 years old. My very first work was a haiku I wrote in the sixth grade. Although I don't remember it much, I remember it had something to do with a bird sticking its beak in someone's eye. That started my lifelong fascination with horror.

As a teenager, I was writing horror stories and poetry. I have to admit that my poetry was really bad. I would shell out a poem in 15 minutes, but in reading them years later, it's just pretty scary. :)

So, I wrote many horror stories as a teenager. Two of my stories, "The Hairy Hands" and "The Hatchet Man" were published in local horror magazines. A third story, which was a political parody told as a satire of "The Dukes Of Hazzard" was published in a local zine. This story has always been my readers favorite, as it involves a politician who is trying to hand out tampons to female voters to get votes (Much like some candidates do with combs). The heroes of the story try to hijack the tampon truck. This story was called "The Earls of Hazzard."

I became interested in screenplays when I was 17. I wrote a 180 page script about two acrobats in the 1930's circus. Because of some people thinking I was a little warped for writing horror stories, I took a break around this time. I wrote a fantasy novel called "The Glass Opal." I followed this up with two screenplays; "Only The Good Die Young," which was about two friends living in rural Ohio; and "The Tinman" which is about a boy who comes into the lives of four friends and ruins their friendship by sleeping with all of them.

After a while, I decided that horror was my true love. I was hired to write a screenplay for a gay themed horror novel. I finished the screenplay and the independent film was set for production. However, the director ended up moving out of town and it fell through. Rewriting that screenplay into a novel is my current project. It's a gothic mystery called "The Love Parade." I am also currently editing my second novel, "The Hatchet Man," and it should be ready for submission by the end of June 2005.

My first complete horror novel is called "Minutes From Matthew." It is a story that deals with a teenager in rural Ohio discovering he is gay. The surrounding homophobia seems to be related to some murders taking place in the town. I am very proud of this work, mostly because my friend Matt read the whole thing and loved it. Matt has never been able to finish a book in his life. Mine was the first. I was very happy. This novel has been accepted for publication by the very FIRST publisher I submitted it to.

I could say I am a talented writer, but I am sure everyone says that. I have an odd perspective on things, and I think that helps me be unique. It's important in writing to make people feel, and that's what I strive to do. Plus, my stories aim to seem very odd until the endings pull everything together.

Other than that, I am a 29 year old male who lives in the great state of Illinois. I have two ferrets who I think eventually are going to have a novel written about them. We'll see. :)

Interests: Mainly writing horror fiction. I do mainstream horror and also gay orientated horror. Generally, my short stories explore fears and situations in a "Twilight Zone" format. Generally something odd is happening to the character and the ending of the story

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Minutes From Matthew