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Khaver Siddiqi

Karachi, Pakistan


MSN: wookietookay

It began with a simple question. "What if?" And with that question the answer was born and continues to grow.
You see as a child, I used to watch tv and read books and think, what if that didn't happen. What if *this* happened instead of *that*. Would the story stay the same? How would it change? Would the Hero be able to avoid *this* instead of *that*?

Along the way I discovered D&D and tried my hand at Dungeon Mastering. It was here that I knew where my niche would lie; telling stories. More importantly, telling *good* stories.

So now I'm trying my hand at writing. I've got only one published story and hope that will change soon.

I'm 25, working at a major chemical company as an engineer. My hobbies include reading, playing vdo games, D&D, and of course writing.

Interests: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Non-Fiction.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes