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A.J. Anesko

Oswego, New York, United States


A little about A.J. Anesko…

A.J. has worked as a data entry specialist, a call center operator, a supervisor of 30+ persons in a fast-paced business firm, a manager at a highly secure, government cleared alarm-monitoring center, and is currently working as an emergency service telephone counselor and freelance writer. Although A.J. enjoyed the corporate world, nothing can take the place of her first and foremost love, her writing life.

A.J. lives in upstate, New York with her three cats: Casper Leonardo, Hailey Rose, Jade Alexander, and two turtles: Sir Anthony and Sir Yertle.

A.J. attended the State University of New York at Oswego; she graduated in ’98 with a double major in Psychology and English: Writing Arts.

A.J.'s work has appeared in inspirational forums, the Oswego: Palladium-Times, the Syracuse: Post-Standard, non-fiction and fiction anthologies.

Unfortunately, some of A.J.'s work has been stolen/used without consent from A.J. by other writers'. A.J. is currently working with an attorney to resolve this situation and to help other writers' with this kind of writing and/or identity theft.

"Copyrights' can only do so much." A.J. advises to all writers, "be wary and keep constant eye on your work."

A.J. advises all writers to watch out for submissions sent to any hometown newspaper and to any kind of anthology project, as writing may be stolen/used without advisement.

"The thought of someone else stealing my work to get noticed and/or paid in cash or in copies makes me sick :(. I don't understand with so much going on in the world that others cannot come up with ideas on their own and have to steal from their fellow writers. It is a sad day when all writers cannot unite and fight this form of plagiarism. We MUST stick together and band as brothers and sisters and FIGHT the good FIGHT! Watch your back, make back-up copies AND keep watching your hard copy and the internet as you may see your writing printed under a different name...and no, it's not your pseudonym."

A.J. is a devoted member to the Oswego Writers…, an ardent fan member of the ultimate King…, and a spirited member at...

“Live your best today, for it is your only preparation for your next sunrise. Live in a positive mind-frame in this life and you will get POSITIVE results!” – AJ

Interests: A.J. also enjoys hot tubs, strawberry or peach margaritas, local up-state New York travel in autumn, a Mongolian Bar, pomegranates, Mexican food, Zen gardens, and dazzling, silver disco balls.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Healing Sunshine for the Soul
  • Poetry

  • A Rainy Night in New Orleans
  • July '00
  • A Desert Sun