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Comanche, Texas, United States

At the end of almost all of the Western books Iíve read, there is a page, or page and a half depiction of the
writers life, and accomplishments. Though Iíve read the one of the great Louis LíAmour several dozen times,
the first small paragraph always touches me. He talks about how he wants to be remembered as "a great
story teller"; thatís all. To me, this is the epitome of what a writer should strive for. Because after all is said
and done. After all the hype and hurrah. The question to be answered is: Did you're reader enjoy the story?
Though Iíve been scribbling things down half my life, as far as writers go, Iím still just a greenhorn. This is
my first attempt at writing something that, people other than my family, can enjoy. Yep, Iíll admit it, I almost
flunked English. Hell, ask my English teacher at Sidney High School, sheíll tell you. While most kids were
studying for their tests, I was down at the creek fishing. It was not hard to miss a kid when there were only
eleven, seniors in the class room. On occasion the principal, may she rest in peace, would come down to
the creek and say; ďTony, donít you think you should come to class? This is Friday, and you do have a few
tests to take, and a football game to play tonight.Ē Man, I love six-man football.
To make a really long story short, I probably shouldnít have been at the creek fishing, when I should have
been studying. But what I was doing down at that creek made me who I am today. I didnít always have my
fishing pole with me, but I never forgot my pocket western.
Sitting on that creek bank, under the giant oaks, and willows, surrounding one of the smallest schools in
Texas, I fell in love with the old west, nature, and country life. Momma sent me out to Sidney, thinking my
chances would be better at passing my courses. She was right, it did help. But what momma didnít realize;
is by sending me out to that little country school, and introducing me to that way of life, she molded me into
a better person. I started reading because I was bored, then couldnít stop. Isnít it ironic that I was skipping
classes, so I could read?
I was born in 1960, and raised in the same farming community of Comanche, Texas, population;
approximately 4500. I was married to two great women, but divorced twice. I was blessed with four
wonderful children, and four terrific grandchildren. My two older girls are Heather, and Reímy. They each
have two children, Caleb, Eli, Kyra, and Charlie Jr.. All meaner than a sack full of snakes, but I love them
dearly. My two youngest children Luke and Phoebe still live with me on occasion, theyíre of course, little
Iíve spent most of my life in construction. Iím a master electrician, and HVAC Technician, so making things
spark, and blowing hot air comes natural to me. I was a cop for a few years, too, but Iím saving that part for
another book. Lets just say that Jerry, Oprah, and Montel will all be knocking on my door soon. Yeah right.
Well... Jerry might, anyway.

Interests: old west, History, Native American Indians.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The O.C. Ranch