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geraldine fernandez

#5 Seselangen
Sual, Pangasinan, Philippines


Yahoo: ladydray_innocence

My world used to be unappealing. I saw it as quite dull, without bliss and thrill to offer. Until I discovered a beautiful and imposing world where only my pen and paper can bring me. From that moment on, I always wander, cruising all marvelous places through my wild imaginations with but pen and paper in company.

With this gift finally unleashed, I have come to realize how beautiful the world is. I no longer experience boredom. I write all the times. Words just keep pouring out of my mind and it feels as if my brain would burst if I don’t write the words down.

I started writing since my elementary years. Being a consistent campus journalist, I have joined several journalism and literary contests and won some of them. I was the literary editor of our campus paper “The Hundred Islands” during my junior in high school and later the editor-in-chief in my senior. Now in college, I am currently the editor-in-chief of our official college publication “The Plebeians.” I have written various literary works, both unpublished and published (but only in our campus magazines and papers.)

I write columns, news, feature articles, editorial, poems, short stories, and novels.
However, my area of expertise is short story and poetry writing. I am very much interested with these two literary genre (short story and poetry).

My greatest dream is to be a successful published writer. I am quite penniless and writing is the only talent that I have. But I write not for commercial purposes. I write in order that I may express all my myriad emotions.

I hope that someone would be interested to handle me or publish my works. I really do not have the capacity to publish my own works…. so please, will someone help me out from this predicament? I really am not after the money matter. What is definitely important is my dream to be published. But I’d gladly take the amount duly for me. ^_^

I am ever glad to have been born with a passion for beautiful creations that stay unblemished in spite of the passing of time. I can’t paint them; that remains my frustration. I can only catch those beauties with my pen. I’ll always be grateful for this one special gift from God. The flames on my pen, I am certain, would never die out.

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Interests: i love to gaze at the surroundings and translate their beauty into words and stanzas.i love to write,write,and write............perpetually

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The Lifeless World
  • The Lost Paradise