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stephen maybery

london, United Kingdom


I have spent most of my life travelling the world as a civil engineer, working on large scale projects, usually nothing under $300M. My most famous project was the constuction of saddam Hussein's nuclear bunkers, I designed all the concrete used in them and spent two and a half years in Baghdad supervising their constuction.
That apart I have had the odd adventure on my travells, there was the time I spent totally alone on an uninhabited island off the coast of Australia and ended up being rescued by helicopter, the chopper had a glass front and I was stark naked at the time. I was in Iran during the revolution and was once dumped in the middle of the Sahra desert with nothing more to my name than ten dinars and a bottle of cough mixture, at least that time I managed to keep my clothes on.
Finally I ended up living in a cardboard box oposite selfridges, well, life does have it's ups and downs, does it not. They say we all have a book in them and last year, with the aid of an epidural and forceps I was deliverd of my first novel and am now pregnant with my second.

Interests: politics, satire, travel.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • my prime ministers and I
  • My Prime Ministers And I
  • God's Knaves and Scoundrels
  • Scripts

  • Life Death and The Dear Departed.