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Biff Cappuccino

Taipei, China


Home page:

Grew up on three continents and live in East Asia presently. Over the past few years have used my spare time to practice several genres: Novels (2), short stories (two collections), a book of travel lit, and dozens of essays and book reviews. Formerly ran, a defunct group news & lit website, for a year. Have since moved to blogging.

News blog -
Short fiction blog -

Decided as a teenager to pursue a writing career on reaching forty. Big mistake. Should have abandoned college and gotten right to it. Have served as: Chinese-to-English translator and interpreter (10 years), volunteer legislative aide, export salesperson, direct salesperson, clothes horse/model, bit parts in low-budget film, English teaching, magazine editing, factory and farm labor, mooching off girlfriends and their families, begging, crashing in shelters, parks, etc... This is what happens when you enter your professional life with a bad attitude and no plan... haha...

Don't find writing painful. I enjoy it. Have never had writer's block. If anything, I have an overactive Celtic gift of the gab.

Though it must sound like bluster I have succeeded at everything (or should I say, those few things) I've taken seriously. I will succeed at writing too. The last challenge is literary wit & humor. Then I start submitting manuscripts.

Thanks for taking the time to read this...

Good luck to you too.

Biff Cappuccino

Interests: At the moment, China and US related non-fiction (history, anthro, poly-sci, etc.) and fiction (i.e. Theroux, Coetzee, Chatwin, John O'Brian, Roddy Doyle, etc.)

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Aboriginal Nights