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Jim B.C.

Stein, Germany


A short bio (so you wonít have clicked for nothing):

Iíve been involved with writing pretty much all my life, although I donít yet have any writing credits as such to my name. For the last fifteen years or so, that is, since Iíve been living in Germany, Iíve held positions that included either part-time or full-time work as a translator and technical writer. Right now Iím a full-time translator for Siemens.
Eons and eons ago, I got my BA in English (which included some creative writing) and my Masters in German and English Education in Arkansas, where I grew up.
My current interest in writing fiction came, at least indirectly, from my two daughters. When they were smaller, I used to make up and tell them bedtime stories in English. It was a lot of fun. Later, I read all kinds of childrenís books to them (still am, though more infrequently). More than once I thought, I could do this. A few years ago, when my daughter Josephine asked me to write down some of the stories I used to tell her, I thought, why not? It was such fun that I decided to take one of the stories I started and turn it into a novel.
And the rest, as they say, is history...or at least I hope it will be.
The more I write, the more addicted I get. I am now hoping to move professionally in that direction.

Interests: Reading, languages, skiing, bicycling, traveling

Published writer: No

Freelance: No