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Phyllis Jankowiak

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Chicago, Illinois, United States



I was born and raised in Chicago some sixty years ago. I attended Roosevelt University as a piano major. I played the piano in a fancy piano bar on Lake Shore Dr. to pay my tuition, but had to change my dream for another because of illness. Later I went to Cook County Hospital and studied to be a Respiratory Therapist. I worked at Northwestern Hospital and St. Joseph's Hospital on Lake Shore Dr. for several years. I have always loved people and writing, throughout the years I went back to school and took the courses I loved the most, Literature, Art, and Music.
I'm have been married for thirty-four years to a great guy, have a grown son and a grandson. About a year ago I decided that if I hadn't written anything of worth yet, now was the time to start. This book was a God send; it practically wrote itself. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. This is an experience every human being should feel! My first book, and it got published. Who says you can't start at sixty! My greatest achievements: my son and my grandson. I owe everything to my Mom for encouraging me to write.

Synopsis of my book:

A JOURNEY FROM PAIN TO LOVE is a story of new way people have learned to come together for support that has never been told before. After becoming part of this self created family I discovered that hope and love cannot only ease pain and loneliness, it can spread like a wildfire that can give hope to all who come there, and life back to the dying and hopeless. This is a real family, not ordinary in any way. We loved, cried, laughed and comforted each other in a place no one can see. Medicine knows touch can heal, and now our Creator has found us a new way to touch. Some might call it technical, when in fact it's a miracle. We found each other in cyberspace.
The day I entered that room instead of hearing pain and suffering I was embraced and welcomed like a lost relative. I decided to write about the room after observing the most incredible people I had ever seen; and how they found ways to take fear and turn it into strength. I walked a journey with a fourteen-year old girl who watched her mother die and it became my honor. In time she would call me "momma." Many such journeys would be walked over several months, but they were never walked in fear or alone. The room consists of people from all over the country and other parts of the world. No one cares about education or money, all were brought there by the great equalizer CANCER. Either they had cancer or a family member or friend was stricken. A few were lucky and received benign results, but had gone through the hell of tests, biopsies and more. Some are cancer free now, some are trying to get into remission, and other's know they are dying.
The real mystery of the room was being able to feel the people sitting with you together in your own home. I felt this was a story that needed to be told; it's a story of the human spirit, and bonds never formed before. Its a story of love suviving,and showing how endurance and patience will take away the fear of death. This room is real, the people are real, and the human touch can be felt right down into your soul. It's a love story, and it's real. Just open the pages and you will be in our room.

Phyllis Jankowiak

Interests: Playing the piano, chess,history, politics,reading,museums, art galleries, most important, my grandson!

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Published works:


  • A JOURNEY FROM PAIN TO LOVE (a journal of compassion in an Internet world.)