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Mark Siet

San Clemente, California, United States


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AOL: ms15151


Ever since I can remember wanting anything at all I can remember receiving it and realizing that there was a connection between what I was thinking about and what turned up in my world. This kind of experience and its memory dates back to the time I was four years old. From then until now at age 54, I wondered why this kind of thing happens. In the course of my childhood it mattered less as I became inculcated into the mainstream way of thinking about the world. It was only during those times of trouble when I really needed something that I would pray and activate this process once again of recognizing my thoughts becoming things. What was going on? What was happening to me and to the people around me? I searched for answers. This search led to a BA degree in Psychology from Rutgers University. It made sense to study the mind in this way but I was disappointed. At Rutgers University at that time they studied rats and behavior. My rat was always escaping from me. The psychology of B.F. Skinner ruled during those times. Freud and Jung were mentioned in passing. My questions remained unanswered.
During my roaring twenties I made my living as a musician. I wrote songs, played guitar, sang, and worked in a top forties band during this time. This kind of life is especially well suited to contemplation and leaves your days free to study. Yoga became a part of my daily routine. I studied and practiced Science of Mind, Kundalini, Tibetan Yoga, Meditation, Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism. It was during this time that I began writing. Writing became a source of revelation to me. I learned to let go and listen. My questions began to be answered in this way. I not only wrote about these subjects but I also wrote songs which reflected my feelings about the answers I was receiving. One of those answers included meeting my wife. Here is the opening verse of a song which led me directly to her. The song was written six months before we met:

"I want to do you in a song.
We'll dance the whole night long.
I'll put your picture on my wall
and my melody will be in your heart."

My wife is an artist. When I met her she was painting scenery for Broadway, movies and commercials. Her pictures line our walls. My melodies fill her heart. Together we began to study Astrology, Tarot and Kabbalah. We devoured books. One room of our home in New Jersey became a library with four walls lined with books on metaphysical subjects.
In 1987 we moved to Southern California and opened a New Age Bookstore called A Sense of Wonder Bookstore. It remained open for three years. During this time I taught a course called "The Art of Listening." I would lecture and play my original music to illustrate the lessons being taught. During this time we kept a monthly newsletter going in which I would write book reviews, short stories and affirmations.
Following the closing of our store in the early nineties I made my living in the computer industry of which I am still a part of today. Leading up to the present time my wife and I began a band called JJ Slim and played our original music in coffeehouses and bookstores throughout Southern California, releasing a CD called "One Shining Star" in 2001. We would play weekends. This gave me a chance to present my original music. I am always writing songs and it is very enjoyable to have someone come up to you and say, "who does that song," and answer that it is one of my own.
We spent a total of seven years playing music every weekend until we decided to concentrate on my writings and recordings. Last year around this time I realized that I had so much material on the subject of thoughts coming into form that I would put it together into a book. I also had the advantage of an audience for these writings, for I was subscribed to an Internet group that discussed metaphysical subjects. I was very well received by this group and found that I was making a difference in clarifying the understanding of many of the people in the group. The best comment I remember was from someone who said that "you break down the material so that the lay person can understand it in their own terms." People on this group would ask questions or I would post articles. It was another excuse for composition and I was also getting some very valuable feedback from these efforts. My book was being written although I did not realize it at the time.
The original draft of Thought Into Form was a compilation of my writings over the course of the past two years. I rewrote a number of these articles and added a substantial amount of new material to increase the continuity of the narrative. The fact that my work is well received gives me high confidence in terms of its success in the marketplace. I know my audience and can relate to them in a unique way.

In Summary:

A deep need to know about myself and the world around me.
BA in Psychology
Extensive studies in all areas of Philosophy, Metaphysics, and Religion.
Accomplished musician and songwriter
New Age Bookstore owner, lecturer, publisher.
Thanks for this opportunity to share some of my experiences with you. I look forward to hearing from you further.

Interests: Spirituality, Mind over Matter, New Age, Detective Stories, Short Stories, Science Fiction, Music

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Joy
  • Moving With The Flow
  • Listening to the voice within