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Ayana Noble

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

A. NOBLE, GCEP M.A. GradCertSocSc MLitt. B.A.
Veni Vidi Vici


The Short Story: TAFE, QLD
Bachelor of Arts/Double Major: Philosophy &
Comparative Religious Studies, VIC.
Master of Letters/Creative Writing, (Division A, 2nd
Class Honors), QLD.
Graduate Certificate of Social Science/Creative
Master of Arts/Writing, VIC
Graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing QLD


1. The Bauhinia Literary Awards, Tertiary Student:
1ST Prize.
2. The Bauhinia Literary Awards, Tertiary Student:
Highly Commended.
3. The Dean's Letter of Commendation for
Outstanding Performance (CQU)
4. The Dean's Letter of Commendation for
Outstanding Performance (CQU)
5. The June Shenfield Poetry Award, 2nd
6. The Phoenix Bursary


Year of the Novel, QLD, AU
The Short Story, QLD, AU


Poetry: This Barren Land My Bed of Roses, University
of Queensland Press, St Lucia 2006

Framed, Defenceless and Hung Out to Dry: A
comparative Ficto-critical account of Self: Jean
Genet, The Marquis de Sade and Oscar Wilde; Ayana

The Space of a Hybrid Voice: A Verse Novel, 2010


This Barren Land: My Bed of Roses
Reviewed by Paolina Oppes:

This Barren Land: My Bed of Roses by Ayana Noble is
an autobiographical book of poems that offers a
poignant insight into the author's life.

The book is full of inspirational moments and vivid
imagery, moving from scene to scene like a
photographic slide show.

The poetry travels from the depths of sadness
depicted in Villanelle- Memory of Edith Knight Tonkin
and Sorrow Grief Separation to the enormous power
of the mind and inner human strength of rebuilding
oneself despite adversity in Reflective Foundations.

These poems are written with real,raw emotion,
simplistically styled, each delivering a clear and
powerful meaning that hits the reader with a forceful

Ayana Noble's poems enable you to travel into other
worlds where a feeling of escapism envelops you like
a blanket and then leaves you bursting like a child's
red balloon in Violet Sky.

A different side to the author's poetic style begins to
reveal itself in From the Remand Cell 1973, which is
when her spirituality and beliefs on what is right and
wrong begin to reign.

The angst at humanity's injustice in Right to Exist
leaves the reader questioning and rebelling against

Death Row Alabama evokes a time when colour, race
and creed have no relevance and people are
considered equal. It is about a time when true
friendships are nurtured in a world where money, lust
and greed corrupt all men.

U Turn takes the poetry on a different path, with
twists and turns aplenty. This poem will resonate
with people who have experienced unexpected
obstacles in their lives.

Finally the author's poetic journey ends with Bee
Sting and Not Life; poems about the ending of one
life and the beginning of a new one.

These poems are symbolic of life continuously
evolving, developing and changing.

There were drawbacks for me in the book's
production. There are no page numbers and there are
spelling mistakes.

Sometimes the author's beliefs on strong emotive
issues such as gay and lesbian rights begin very
strongly but fail to continue throughout the poem.

I expect many readers will relate to This Barren Land:
My Bed of Roses as they will empathise with Noble's
experience of life, death and spirituality.


Paolina Oppes revived her interest in creative writing
a few years ago.

Since then she has attended many TAFE courses
ranging from creative and short story writing through
to editing and proofreading. In her spare time she
writes poetry and short fiction.


With respect to Paolina Opps's wonderfully
perceptive review, the author needs to say that, the
spelling 'errors' were in fact typos that occurred in the
later stages of publication. This does not detract
from the quality of the experience and content.

The absence of page numbers is intentional.


Interests: Literary Fiction: Ficto-criticism, Transgressive Writing, Gothic, Fantasy, Realism, Non-Realism Creative Non-Fiction: The Personal Essay, The Memoir, Biography and Autobiographical Writing, Travel Writing, Family History Fiction: Dram

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • This Barren Land My Bed of Roses
  • Other

  • The Space of a Hybrid Voice: A Verse Novel