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Amber Whitman

Byng Ave
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Home page:

I live in Toronto, Ontario. I live with my partner of 11 years. I also have a 12 year old son. I have been writing since I was young. I write short stories, articles and poetry and longer manuscripts. I have been writing for Allwrite online magazine for sometime. I have won Poetry Choice Awards from, The National Library of Poetry. I attended a convention in my youth where I won medals for my writing. I have had a poem published in Webster's Online Dictionary. I have been published in Poetry Canada Magazine and Ambitions. Currently I have many websites. I have recently released my first poetry manuscript. The promotional site is at
My personal website is My email address is, if you wish to contact me.

August 15, 2004

Amber Whitman
109 Byng Ave
Scarborough, Ontario.

I hope to write for a publisher who can use my talents to thier fullest potential.
I am hoping to write poetry, short stories or articles for an established magazine or publishing house.

I write poetry, short stories and articles.
My style can vary and is adaptable.
I am able to meet deadlines.
My work, as with other aspects of my life, have a tone of obsessiveness.

:I have won awards in my youth for poetry.
:Editor's Choice awards by the National Library of Poetry.
:Accepted by Evolving Editions
:Published by Tajmahal Review
:Published by the Peoples Poet
:Published by Circle of Poets
:Published by Cynical Submissions/
:Published by Webster's Online Dictionary.
:Writing articles for Allwrite. (online magazine)
:Published by
:Published by Cynic Online Magazine
:Published by Writing Writers online
:Published poetry by Noble House, U.K./ Poetry Division
:Poetry published in Cynic Magazine Online- Best of 2004
:Article published by Poetry Canada Magazine
:Poetry published by Ambitions Magazine

Monarch Park Collegiate.
Malvern Secondary School.
Greenwood Adult Alternative School, 1986-87.


Solace On Paper

So many tears cried.
Days drift into nights.
Feeling alone, even abandoned at times.

Too many years gone by.
Dreams that will never evolve.
Growing older as the days grow longer.
Not exactly knowing which way to turn.

Seasons change one to another.
Now finding some solace in the writing I do.
Penning out feelings to paper.

Hoping my works will inspire.
For others to find where thier happiness lies.
Finding some solace, with this writing I do.


She stood there in front of the mirror.
Beads of tiny water drops inching down her body.
She reached for the lotion.
Smoothing it over her neck, then down and around her buxom breasts.
Down her navel to her legs , working and smoothing down to her tiny feet.
Taking down a perfume bottle she mists her body.
The sweet smell lingers in the room.
Candles flicker and dance in the darkness.
She slips into a black satin negligee, which caresses her skin softly.
She pulls back the crisp red linens on the bed.
Now she awaits her seducer.

Obsessed With Games

What is this obsession men have with games? My boyfriend will sit in front of our computer playing games for hours, when he gets bored with that he will go upstairs to my son's room, and play games on the Gamecube system. Not only does he spend hours playing these games, but he also has to look up different game cheats on the computer. Then if he is losing, he yells and swears like a wildman. Like tonight for example, he spent the good part of the afternoon and night playing different games.
While I was doing all the work like the cleaning the house, doing dishes, gathering laundry, vacuuming, and wrapping Christmas presents.

My son is building a Christmas village, so I tried in vain to help him with that. Speaking of my darling son, he has also taken on the gaming obsession, he sits in front of the system for hours during the day and at night. Finally, I just get mad and force him off, which inevitably ends badly. Today we had one such incident in which he was supposed to do a chore and didn't. I basically told him that he had to do his chores and take care of his meager responsibilities before playing his video games. After all he does get an allowance for which he contributes very little in the way of chores. He got very upset, nearly to the verge of tears because in his words, "I have to do everything." The problem is that this year he is taking on alot more work in school, as well as extra-curricular activities, he not used to the workload so everything seems overwhelming to him lately. The problem is he rushes through his school work, as well as chores just to get back to playing these video games.

So there it is in a nutshell, I have two obsessed video junkies in my apartment. I am just glad I can escape into my writing and block out the noise, competition, yelling and constant adrenaline that is flying around these two obsessed gamers.

References: Available upon request.

Interests: writing, movies, books, gardening, poetry, decorating, cooking.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Walt Whitman/ A Voice of Gay Liberation
  • Poetry

  • Dreams Of Grandeur
  • Reminisce
  • Mystery of Woman- Temporal Currents
  • Lavender Fields
  • Mother
  • Other

  • Gorgon Medusa