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Joseph Steadman

Agent: Howard Ely
Orlando, Florida, United States


Home page:

Yahoo: Joseph Steadman

Joseph G. Steadman an award winning Christian Poet works
which some of include:

"O' weep of Night",
"I have seen Beyond", "The Ancient's Heart",
"The Waters of Time", and
"Requiem of a Trial."

An ordained Minister, in service for over 36+ years, my heart's cry is the show the heart of God to the called according to His purpose, a hopeful people, with these works. I am an Artist and Illustrator, pouring out my heart and soul into my work, to show a spiritual place for all. I have many areas interests of excellence, and recognition of my peers,

Some are:

Empire Who's Who Empowering Executives & Professionals,
CompTIA A+ Certified Professional,
Editor Choice Award
Excellence in Construction.

Joseph can be reached @

Interests:  I am thoroughly engulfed with the ongoing pursuit of higher truth, and higher levels of being, unraveling of mysteries, the study of The Spirit, and prophecy, Theology, Transcendental meditation, and The Marshal Arts.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • In Enoch Shoes-A Christian Allegory
  • Requiem of a Trial
  • The Speeding Mind
  • Nonfiction

  • This Is Mine Hour
  • The Eye of the Frog (Allegory)
  • Time Space Gravity,
  • Beating your head against the Rock
  • God Gave Me One Second
  • Poetry

  • To Truly Snare The Gift Of Care!
  • O weep of night
  • Now of the Pained
  • The Fulfillment of Spiritual Individual Promises
  • a discreet \'B\'
  • I\'ve seen beyond
  • Circled by foe
  • To the things that must be said,
  • Herein
  • The waters of time
  • The Worth of a Man
  • Remember Me,
  • The Melding of His Omniscient Presence
  • The Ancient\'s Heart
  • The Cup of Thee, O Smitten God
  • Through seething depths
  • Scripts

  • The Four Living Creatures
  • Other

  • The Manifestating Beast