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Pamela Mortimer

DuBois, Pennsylvania, United States


Home page:

An informal look at my work:

I would have to say that there are very few things that I wouldn’t write about because they contain specialized knowledge (e.g., rocket science) and a few that would make me want to poke out my eyes before I was done (e.g., some mechanical issues). Other than that, I’m open, given that I have enough info to proceed. Some examples of things that I’ve written:

• e-book on job interviewing techniques
• Synonymizing for poker website
• Online bingo report
• Travel reviews (extensive)
• Profiles/bios
• Quizzes
• Trivia
• Sales letters/reports
• Reference letters
• Letters of application (job/grad school, etc.)
• Every kind of corporate writing imaginable
• Ghostwriting – technical, general, historical
• Book analyst for

I have a long list of projects, both complete and in the works. I’ll just give you a brief run down of each.

Help Yourself Design
Tom Mowrey, Musician
Recreational vehicle site
Full Circle, Inc.
And my own, of course!

(I’ve written text and designed all but the first one, although I’m not interested in getting back into designing since it’s almost always more trouble than its worth!)

All of the Cygnus Business Media printing related sites over the past 12 years.
Poetic Justice and Indigo Ice, both of which I published
Bonita Magazine
A slew of Graphics Arts industry magazines
Literary journals
Sophie Magazine

Day in the Life of Me (Fiction – pending representation)
Nothing to Do with You (Fiction – pending representation)
Retribution (Fiction – pending representation – winner of NaNoWriMo 2005)
Document Design Primer – a technical how-to published by GATF Press (on and
Things I’ve Learned from my Family (in progress) – A guide to practical wisdom
I also have yet another novel going…

Poetry: (available through!)
Blue Jazz Moon (collection)
Emergence (collection)
A gazillion collections, awards, etc.

Children’s projects:
Emma, a young adult book
The Secret Lives of Trees (a YA book in progress)
Improv Poetry
Various short stories

(I was also in charge of a middle school group that taught children how to write a mystery book for a Scholastic competition. The other half of the team was my sister, who is an illustrator and fine artist. I teach creative writing/poetry/marketing workshops as well.)

Interests: Contemporary fiction, non-fiction, technical writing, juvenile fiction, poetry, short stories.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • 22 Rock Street
  • Emma
  • Several articles on local arts community published in area newspapers.,
  • Nonfiction

  • Recycling in Rural America
  • Various General Interest
  • A Document Design Primer
  • Document Design Primer
  • How to Save the World and Other Helpful Hints
  • Various Technical/Non-fiction
  • Poetry

  • Published over 90 pieces of poetry in the last 15 years. The most recent piece, Every Day, was published in winter 2004 by The International Library of Poetry.
  • Blue Jazz Moon
  • Emergence