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Chin Ce

Agent: Progeny International
ENG, Nigeria

A member of the new generation of African writers from Nigeria with several
volumes of poetry and fiction publications. Chin Ce is an avid contributor to
contemporary discourse and African literary criticism. He has worked as
editor, columnist, essayist and reader for magazines and publishing companies.
Among the new generation of African writers he has become more individualised,
blazing an entirely unique style of writing at once original and intrinsically
traditional. His poetry is able to fire the imagination of readers with its iconoclastic
vision that seems to debunk established religious notions. And his fictions parody
the social and political transitions of African societies in his dogged portrayal of
their follies.
Nevertheless in Chin Ce's poetry there are rich nuances of love, friendships, loyalty
and faith to an ideal -qualities that lie at the heart of his fascination with song,
nature and spirit, and which demonstrate his commitment to all that is true and
eternal. And although his fictions are barely disguised satires on the defects of
modern African societies ruined by local leaders who rank next to nothing on the
leadership scale, the usual consequence of such less than desirable phenomenon
on the abilities and resources of the individual is not, however, his paramount

Interests: music, poetry, spirituality

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The Visitor
  • Children of Koloko
  • Gamji College
  • Nonfiction

  • Riddles and Bash: African Performance and Literature Reviews
  • Bards and Tyrants: Essays in Contemporary African Literature
  • Poetry

  • Millennial
  • Full Moon
  • An African Eclipse