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J. Richard Jacobs

Agent: None
Hobbs, New Mexico, United States


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I write in all genre, but tend to prefer hard science fiction and speculative fiction. Most of my work mixes genre and is strongly character driven with science (real science) playing a big role. I don't believe a story is a story unless populated with interesting, believable and accessible characters (including machines and aliens). I am of the firm conviction that alien means alien and not merely humans with strange structures stuck to their faces. That is to say, the logic employed by aliens will be tempered by their world's conditions, their history, their physiology, their experience--not by ours. Two of my books consider these issues in a unique manner. Both deal with humans becoming the aliens, but in very different ways. Both are plausible and realistically presented, being based in real science. Neither is boring--trust me on this...

XENOGENESIS was released by Double-Dragon-Publishing in June, 2005, and is available as an ebook from several outlets, and in "large print" paperback from SEEDS OF MEMORY, 2007 EPPIE nominee, also from Double-Dragon-Publishing, was released on 4 January, 2006, and is available as an ebook from several outlets, and as a "large print" paperback from Both of these books are fairly major works that deal with human efforts to adjust themselves to conditions on other worlds, or adjust conditions on other worlds to conform to their needs. They also include liberal amounts of mystery, murder, mayhem, and other human traits that make even the most malevolent alien look like a cherished household pet.

The TWISTED TAILS ANTHOLOGY, released in April, 2006, is a collection of thirty-one short stories (five of them written by yours truly) from twelve gifted authors. This anthology is not based on genre nor any of the other worn out themes. Its common thread is surprise. Unexpected endings specifically designed to leave the reader reeling. If you enjoy having the carpet pulled out from beneath your feet, you will love this book. TWISTED TAILS finished in the Top Ten for Mainstream Novel (mainstream?) category in the Preditors & Editors Readers Poll for 2006.... Another verdict on TWISTED TAILS is in -- WINNER for Anthologies in the DREAM REALM Awards for 2006. The first book in the Rain Trilogy -- STORM CLOUD RISING -- was released 28 September 2007. The other two books in the trilogy will be released a few months apart in the near future. TWISTED TAILS II - volume 2 -- is WINNER of the EPPIE 2008 and TWISTED TAILS II -- volume 1 is a FINALIST for the EPPIE award (an unusual occurrence indeed). Another odd occurrence; TWISTED TAILS II -- Volume 1 is a FINALIST -- not once, but twice -- in ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Awards in BOTH Science Fiction and Anthology Categories. EAT MY SHORTS was released in January 2008; A Collection of Nifty Shorts for your dining pleasure.

Many of my short stories finished well in the Preditors and Editors Polls for works published in 2004/2005 and I am very pleased.

I also write factual material dealing with design and applied mathematics in design, engineering (28 years working as a naval architect and yacht designer), the possibility of life in the universe, colonization of bodies in the solar system, and astronomy topics (I have been an avid amateur astronomer since 1947 and a dabbler in all the sciences over most of my history). I have lectured on these topics (and others a bit more off-the-wall) in a number of universities, high schools and elementary schools and was given the honorary title of Professor of Physics and Astronomy by the Sociedad de Divulgacion de Astronomia y Ciencia in Mexico (I doubt that I deserved the title, but it was nice of them).

Being strongly opinionated, I write a lot of essays (it's an old man's prerogative, eh?). :-) I won first place in the Pioneer Division in a competition sponsored by The Mars Society for an essay on the importance of colonizing Mars and, by default, the moon -- now. This essay is included in a book titled ON TO MARS 2 and is available from Apogee Books.

Won first place in a competition sponsored by for an off-beat short story (not SF/F but more mainstream weird) titled WINNING IS FOR THE LOSER, and I am quite happy about that, too.

Released (February 2007), FROM HOLLYWOOD EXPERTS and PUBLISHED AUTHORS: Words of Wisdom for Starving Artists. This is an information-packed book on several topics and I am honored to be included in such company with a short article on what SF is and is not.

Interests: Unfortunately, everything and anything. I currently live in a very small town in New Mexico with my wife, Julieta, a very noisy little dog (ah, so much noise and so little dog) named Mickey, another dog (just short of horse-size) named Vanilla, and a cat

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • TWISTED TAILS II: Time on our Hands - Volume 1
  • TWISTED TAILS II: The Complete Edition
  • TWISTED TAILS II: Out of Time - Volume Two
  • SEEDS OF MEMORY -- 2007 EPPIE nominee
  • TWISTED TAILS II: The Complete Edition
  • TWISTED TAILS IV: Fantastic Flights of Fantasy
  • Nonfiction

  • ON TO MARS 2