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T. Wolfgang Burger

Agent: No current agent
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Author of over thirty published works of a variety of formats and media specializing in technology subjects.

Computer systems programmer/analyst since 1987.

MIS department manager of directory publisher.

College instructor of IT science.

Embedded CPU device designer/programmer.

OLAP database application designer/programmer.

Marketing director of communications technology firm.

Private Investigator, process server, repo man, bouncer.

Technical writer of computer programming, communications, electronic design and general technology articles, tutorials and white papers.

Published Works:

1) The Future of XScale, Intel, November 2004.
2) Distributed Operating Systems, Intel, April 2004.
3) Linux Modifications for DOS, Intel, February 2004.
4) Linux Distributed Scheduling, Intel, January 2004.
5) Contrast the Original Design Value of Distributed Operating Systems QNX with Linux, Intel, December 2003.
6) Java for XScale, , Intel, November 2003.
7) Power Aware Software: Dynamic Power Management Development using XScale Architecture and Embedded Linux, Intel, August 2003.
8) White Paper: Synergies of Intel C Compiler Support Offered in Rogue Wave SourcePro C++ Edition 5 for Linux Developers, Intel, June 2003.
9) Porting Java to a Linux and Intel Environment, Intel, November 2004.
10) Linux Threading Alternatives: A Comparison of Contenders for the New Threading Standard, Intel, January 2003.
11) Carrier Grade Linux Modifications and Components, Intel, January 2003
12) The Benefits of Structured Wiring Installation in New Homes, Canadian Home Builder Magazine, December 2002
13) Java Native machine Code on Linux, Intel, November 2002
14) Intel Hyper Threaded programming on Linux Platforms, Intel, October 2002
15) Programming Linux Standard Base Applications, Intel, September 2002
16) New Enterprise Linux, Intel Corporation, August 2002
17) Wire for the Future, Real Estate Weekly, August 9, 2002.
18) Intel Pentium 4 Programming Trends, Intel December 2001.
19) Linux GUI Programming - KDE and Gnome Development, IBM June 2001
20) Linux Unicode Programming, IBM June 2001
21) Intermediate Level Tutorial (Web Based) IBM Object Rexx in Linux, IBM March 2001
22) Using Perl with the IBM DB2 Universal Database, IBM December 2000
23) Linux - Installation of Large file Support using Kernel Modification, IBM November 2000
24) Linux - Cyrillic Script Support with and without Unicode, IBM January 2001
25) Linux - OS selection at boot time, IBM January 2001
26) Linux - Foreign file Support using Kernel Modification, IBM December 2000
27) C/C++ Programming - Programming Tips - Memory Overrun Detection Techniques, IBM September 2000
28) C/C++ Programming - Programming Tips - Virtual lists, IBM August, 2000
29) BSD UNIX versus Linux - A Comparison, IBM August, 2000
30) Comparison, Analysis and Selection of Available Development Platforms for Embedded Computer Controlled Medical Devices, Canon Communications LLC, Medical Electronics Manufacturing Magazine Quarterly, July, 2000
31) Linux 2.4 Kernel - What to expect in the next release of Linux, Parts 1 and 2, IBM July, 2000
32) Linux versus NT Server Operating Systems, IBM June, 2000
33) The COBOL Language in an Open Source Future, IBM April, 2000

Interests: Technology subjects, hunting, restoring cars and motorcycles. Special skills: C++, Java, COBOL, FORTRAN, PL/1, Assembler, Embedded Development (PDAs, cell phones, medical devices, etc.), database systems, OLAP, Linux, Windows(XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95/3.1/3.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Structured Wiring in New Home Design
  • Comparison, Analysis and Selection of Available Development Platforms for Embedded Computer Controlled Medical Devices
  • Methods to Utilize Intel's Hyper-Threading Technology with Linux
  • Published Works